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011B919 MSc Environmental Health 011B919 Module
BIO0500 Life Sciences BIO0500 Module
BIO0800 Foundation Chemistry BIO0800 Module
BIO1113 Biological Techniques BIO1113 Module
BIO1118 BIO1118 Module
BIO1211 Public Health Science and Skills BIO1211 Module
BIO1401 Metabolic Biochemistry BIO1401 Module
BIO1524 Principles of Microbiology BIO1524 Module
BIO1525 Cell Biology BIO1525 Module
BIO1604 Cell Biology and Genetics BIO1604 Module
BIO1607 Chemistry for Biologists BIO1607 Module
BIO1608 Fundamentals of Chemistry BIO1608 Module
BIO1609 Fundamentals of Biochemistry BIO1609 Module
BIO1610 Public Health, Health Promotion, and Health Protection BIO1610 Module
BIO1625 Genetics BIO1625 Module
BIO1634 Anatomy and Physiology of Plants and Animals BIO1634 Module
BIO1635 Biological Systems and Processes BIO1635 Module
BIO1636 Physiology and Anatomy BIO1636 Module
BIO1637 Food Animals and Vectors of Disease BIO1637 Module
BIO1655 Principles of Health Stressors BIO1655 Module
BIO1700 Principles of Environmental Science BIO1700 Module
BIO2003 Approaches to Experimental Research BIO2003 Module
BIO2005 Research Methods and Project Planing BIO2005 Module
BIO2014 Epidemiology And Global Public Health BIO2014 Module
BIO2210 Occupational Health and Safety BIO2210 Module
BIO2211 Surveillance & Assessment Method BIO2211 Module
BIO2400 Functional Biochemistry BIO2400 Module
BIO2404 Food Safety BIO2404 Module
BIO2405 Food Safety BIO2405 Module
BIO2413 Immunology and Endocrinology BIO2413 Module
BIO2417 Advanced Organic Chemistry 1 BIO2417 Module
BIO2419 Pharmaceutical Chemistry BIO2419 Module
BIO2501 Microbial Life BIO2501 Module
BIO2502 Microbial Life BIO2502 Module
BIO2505 Health Stressors And Microbiology BIO2505 Module
BIO2510 Occupational Safety and Health Interventions BIO2510 Module
BIO2512 Analytical Techniques BIO2512 Module
BIO2515 Pollution Prevention and Control BIO2515 Module
BIO2536 Biology of Complex Organisms BIO2536 Module
BIO2556 Molecular Biology BIO2556 Module
BIO2566 Phylogenetic Aspects of the Tree of Life BIO2566 Module
BIO2605 Microbial Biotechnology BIO2605 Module
BIO2607 Biochemistry BIO2607 Module
BIO2635 Health Policies and Interventions BIO2635 Module
BIO2803 Biodiversity BIO2803 Module
BIO2804 Biodiversity and Ecosystems BIO2804 Module
BIO2811 Environmental Monitoring BIO2811 Module
BIO2812 Ecology and Field Techniques BIO2812 Module
BIO3211 Epidemiology BIO3211 Module
BIO3226 Gene Technology BIO3226 Module
BIO3227 Current Topics in Biosciences BIO3227 Module
BIO3232 Bioinformatics BIO3232 Module
BIO3300 Evolution BIO3300 Module
BIO3301 Specialist Aspects of Evolution BIO3301 Module
BIO3310 Conservation in a Changing World BIO3310 Module
BIO3400 Biochemistry of Human Disease BIO3400 Module
BIO3403 Sustainable Biotechnology BIO3403 Module
BIO3405 Food Safety Practice BIO3405 Module
BIO3409 Green Biotechnology BIO3409 Module
BIO3413 Clinical Biochemistry and Diagnostics BIO3413 Module
BIO3417 Advanced Organic Chemistry 2 BIO3417 Module
BIO3419 Pharmacology and Toxicology BIO3419 Module
BIO3512 Advanced Biochemical Techniques BIO3512 Module
BIO3556 Gene Expression and Control BIO3556 Module
BIO3610 Health Promotion: Targets and Evidence BIO3610 Module
BIO3799 Work Experience BIO3799 Module
BIO3800 Practical Food Inspection BIO3800 Module
BIO3801 Practical Food Inspection BIO3801 Module
BIO3888 Dissertation BIO3888 Module
BIO3899 Biology Work Experience BIO3899 Module
BIO3999 Biology Placement BIO3999 Module
BIO4000 Applied/Theoretical Approaches to Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation Sciences BIO4000 Module
BIO4106 Housing and Health BIO4106 Module
BIO4115 Pollution and Health Protection BIO4115 Module
BIO4215 Health Stressors and Vectors of Disease BIO4215 Module
BIO4300 Techniques for Genomics BIO4300 Module
BIO4303 Atmospheric and Noise Pollution BIO4303 Module
BIO4307 Genome Structure and Function BIO4307 Module
BIO4309 Water and Wastewater BIO4309 Module
BIO4315 Health Protection BIO4315 Module
BIO4334 Informatics for Genomics BIO4334 Module
BIO4400 Factors Shaping Food Safety BIO4400 Module
BIO4402 Science And Tech In Food Safety BIO4402 Module
BIO4404 Food Safety BIO4404 Module
BIO4501 Pollution And Disease: Cause Effects And Control BIO4501 Module
BIO4502 Public Health Leadership BIO4502 Module
BIO4503 Applied Epidemiology BIO4503 Module
BIO4512 Interventions in Environmental Health BIO4512 Module
BIO4600 Challenges In Global Public Health BIO4600 Module
BIO4630 Health Promotion And Health Development BIO4630 Module
BIO4699 MSc Research Project BIO4699 Module
BIO4800 Practical Food Inspection BIO4800 Module
BIO4801 Practical Food Inspection BIO4801 Module
BIS1001 Business Information Systems In Practice (Hendon, Dubai) BIS1001 Module
BIS1100 Introduction To Business And Organisations (Hendon, Dubai) BIS1100 Module
BIS1200 Information Systems Foundations BIS1200_HEN Module
BIS2018 Management Information Systems BIS2018 Module
BIS2300 Information Systems Analysis And Design (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius, Malta) BIS2300 Module
BIS2400 Information systems research (Hendon, Dubai) BIS2400 Module
BIS2500 Decision Support Systems (Hendon, Dubai) BIS2500 Module
BIS3300 Strategic management and information systems (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius, Malta) BIS3300 Module
BIS3350 Innovation and technology management BIS3350 Module
BIS3400 Social, Professional And Ethical Issues In Information Systems (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius, Malta) BIS3400 Module
BIS3999 Information systems project (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius, Malta) BIS3999 Module
BIS4410 Knowledge Management Strategies (Hendon, Mauritius, Malta) BIS4410 Module
BIS4425 Regulation Of Electronic Commerce (Hendon, Mauritius, Malta) BIS4425 Module
BIS4435 Data Management For Decision Support (Hendon, Mauritius) BIS4435 Module
BIS4440 Information Systems Strategy and Management (Hendon, Mauritius, Malta) BIS4440 Module
BIS4600 Legal And Professional Aspects Of Digital Forensics BIS4600 Module
BIS4610 Information Security Management BIS4610 Module
BIS4620 Digital Investigations And Evidence Management BIS4620 Module
BIS4630 Corporate Compliance And Financial Crime Prevention BIS4630 Module
BIS4992 Postgraduate Computing Project (Hendon, Malta, Mauritius) BIS4992 Module
BMS1004 Professional Practice BMS1004 Module
BMS1014 Biological Basis of Healthcare BMS1014 Module
BMS1024 Social Aspects of Healthcare BMS1024 Module
BMS1044 Cardiac, Respiratory and Sleep Science BMS1044 Module
BMS1054 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems BMS1054 Module
BMS1154 Professional Practice for Biomedical Science BMS1154 Module
BMS1234 Professional Practice BMS1234 Module
BMS1414 Contemporary Neuroscience And Professional Development BMS1414 Module
BMS1424 Introduction to Neurology BMS1424 Module
BMS1434 Principles of Human Nutrition BMS1434 Module
BMS1454 Healthcare Science 1 BMS1454 Module
BMS1464 Foundation Neuroscience BMS1464 Module
BMS1474 Nutritional Practice BMS1474 Module
BMS1514 Human Sciences BMS1514 Module
BMS1600 Healthcare Practice (Professionalism and Person-Centred Clinical Care) BMS1600 Module
BMS1601 Cardiovascular Clinical Science BMS1601 Module
BMS1602 Healthcare Practice (Quality and Service Improvement) BMS1602 Module
BMS1604 Respiratory Clinical Sciences BMS1604 Module
BMS1614 Healthcare Science 2 BMS1614 Module
BMS1624 Clinical Technology And Mathematics BMS1624 Module
BMS1644 Physics and Measurements BMS1644 Module
BMS1654 Biomolecular Science BMS1654 Module
BMS1714 Analytical Chemistry BMS1714 Module
BMS1724 Foundations of Practical Chemistry BMS1724 Module
BMS1754 Introduction to Biochemistry BMS1754 Module
BMS1774 Professional Practice for Pharmaceutical Chemistry BMS1774 Module
BMS1804 Introduction To Physiological Sciences 1 BMS1804 Module
BMS1854 Cell Sciences BMS1854 Module
BMS1884 Introduction To Physiological Sciences 2 BMS1884 Module
BMS1894 Physiological Sciences 2 BMS1894 Module
BMS1904 Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System BMS1904 Module
BMS1994 Introduction To Biomedical Science BMS1994 Module
BMS2007 Research Methods and Professional Practice BMS2007 Module
BMS2015 Research Methods And Professional Practice BMS2015 Module
BMS2075 Research Methods and Professional Development BMS2075 Module
BMS2125 Cellular Sciences BMS2125 Module
BMS2135 Blood Sciences BMS2135 Module
BMS2145 Infection Sciences BMS2145 Module
BMS2160 Physiological Measurement Systems and Control BMS2160 Module
BMS2225 Molecular and Genetic Science BMS2225 Module
BMS2405 Nutritional Biochemistry BMS2405 Module
BMS2415 Neuropharmacology BMS2415 Module
BMS2425 Food and Nutrition Science BMS2425 Module
BMS2435 Diet and Health BMS2435 Module
BMS2445 Cardiovascular And Respiratory Conditions BMS2445 Module
BMS2455 Neurological Conditions BMS2455 Module
BMS2465 Pathophysiology of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System BMS2465 Module
BMS2475 Research Methods and Professional Development BMS2475 Module
BMS2515 Clinical Sciences BMS2515 Module
BMS2625 Medical Instrumentation BMS2625 Module
BMS2665 Medical Instrumentation and Imaging BMS2665 Module
BMS2666 Biomedical Placement Year 2 BMS2666 Module
BMS2715 Applied Physical Chemistry BMS2715 Module
BMS2725 Practical Chemistry BMS2725 Module
BMS2885 Cardiovascular Science BMS2885 Module
BMS2895 Cardiopulmonary Science BMS2895 Module
BMS2925 Clinical Neurophysiology BMS2925 Module
BMS2935 Diagnostic Audiology BMS2935 Module
BMS2955 Neurophysiology BMS2955 Module
BMS2965 Practical Diagnostic Audiology BMS2965 Module
BMS2975 Physiological Measurements BMS2975 Module
BMS2995 Clinical Neurophysiology BMS2995 Module
BMS3006 Placement for Employability BMS3006 Module
BMS3136 Transplantation, Transfusion and Specialist Biochemistry BMS3136 Module
BMS3236 Professional Practice BMS3236 Module
BMS3326 Cellular and Molecular Pathology BMS3326 Module
BMS3336 Dissertation BMS3336 Module
BMS3346 Medical Microbiology BMS3346 Module
BMS3436 Public Health Nutrition BMS3436 Module
BMS3446 Clinical Nutrition BMS3446 Module
BMS3466 Sport and Exercise Nutrition BMS3466 Module
BMS3496 Clinical Neurology BMS3496 Module
BMS3566 Clinical Laboratory Practice 2 BMS3566 Module
BMS3606 Medical Engineering In Practice BMS3606 Module
BMS3626 Rehabilitation Engineering In Practice BMS3626 Module
BMS3636 Principles of Medical Electronics BMS3636 Module
BMS3646 Assistive and Mechanical devices BMS3646 Module
BMS3667 Biomedical Placement Year 3 BMS3667 Module
BMS3676 Principles Of Medical Engineering BMS3676 Module
BMS3686 Principles Of Rehabilitation Engineering BMS3686 Module
BMS3716 Structural Methods in Inorganic and Physical Chemistry BMS3716 Module
BMS3726 Organic Synthesis BMS3726 Module
BMS3736 Drug Development BMS3736 Module
BMS3746 Computational Chemistry BMS3746 Module
BMS3766 Negotiated Learning BMS3766 Module
BMS3816 Applied Cardio Science BMS3816 Module
BMS3826 Provocative Electrocardiography BMS3826 Module
BMS3846 Applied Cardiovascular Science (Pacing and Cardiac Catherisation) 2 BMS3846 Module
BMS3856 Pacing and Catheterisation BMS3856 Module
BMS3906 Applied Clinical Neurophysiology 1 BMS3906 Module
BMS3946 Aural Rehabilitation and Amplification BMS3946 Module
BMS3956 Applied Clinical Neurophysiology 2 BMS3956 Module
BMS3966 Practical Aural Rehabilitation BMS3966 Module
BMS3986 Brain Disorders BMS3986 Module
BMS4007 Cardiac Rhythm Management BMS4007 Module
BMS4017 Neurophysiology In Intensive Care BMS4017 Module
BMS4027 Intra-Operative Monitoring In Neurophysiology BMS4027 Module
BMS4037 Paediatric Neurophysiology BMS4037 Module
BMS4047 Peripheral Neurophysiology BMS4047 Module
BMS4057 Cardiac Ultrasound Theory BMS4057 Module
BMS4067 Clinical Electrophysiology BMS4067 Module
BMS4077 Advanced Clinical Skills BMS4077 Module
BMS4087 Cardiac Ultrasound Practice BMS4087 Module
BMS4097 Clinical Practice BMS4097 Module
BMS4117 Clinical Disorders BMS4117 Module
BMS4127 Developmental Biochemistry BMS4127 Module
BMS4137 Endocrinology & Metabolism BMS4137 Module
BMS4147 Bioanalysis & Toxicology BMS4147 Module
BMS4217 Organ Histopathology BMS4217 Module
BMS4227 Cancer BMS4227 Module
BMS4237 Genetic Disorders BMS4237 Module
BMS4247 Pathological Basis of Disease BMS4247 Module
BMS4317 Blood Analysis and Pathology BMS4317 Module
BMS4327 Haemato-Oncology BMS4327 Module
BMS4337 Haemostasis BMS4337 Module
BMS4347 Transfusion Science BMS4347 Module
BMS4357 Molecular Diagnostics BMS4357 Module
BMS4367 MSci Project BMS4367 Module
BMS4417 Infectious Agents BMS4417 Module
BMS4427 Human Infectious Disease BMS4427 Module
BMS4437 Control Of Infectious Disease BMS4437 Module
BMS4447 Laboratory Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases & Safety BMS4447 Module
BMS4507 Advances in Tumour Diagnostics BMS4507 Module
BMS4517 Immunology BMS4517 Module
BMS4537 Immunotherapeutics and Immunoassays BMS4537 Module
BMS4547 Cancer Therapeutics BMS4547 Module
BMS4597 Cardiac Diagnostics and Imaging BMS4597 Module
BMS4617 Neurobiology BMS4617 Module
BMS4627 Neuropathology BMS4627 Module
BMS4677 Leadership and Management BMS4677 Module
BMS4687 Specialised Techniques in Clinical Neurophysiology BMS4687 Module
BMS4767 Modelling and Simulation in Biomedical Engineering BMS4767 Module
BMS4777 Biomedical Ethics and Law BMS4777 Module
BMS4887 Experimental Design and Statistics BMS4887 Module
BMS4957 Advanced Signal Processing BMS4957 Module
BMS4977 Advanced Bioanalytical Techniques BMS4977 Module
BMS4997 Research Project BMS4997 Module
BSc Architectural Technology (144W245) 144W245 Module
BSc Computer Science Year 1 MOD_CLUSTER_113 Module
CCE1000 Computing Systems Architecture And Operating Systems (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) CCE1000 Module
CCE1010 Programming For Data Communication And Problem Solving (Hendon, Dubai) CCE1010 Module
CCE1020 Fundamentals Of Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics (Hendon, Mauritius) CCE1020 Module
CCE1030 Computer Networks (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) CCE1030 Module
CCE1040 Fundamentals Of Electronics And Communication Engineering CCE1040 Module
CCE2000 Data Communications (Hendon, Malta) CCE2000 Module
CCE2040 Digital Systems Design (Hendon, Dubai) CCE2040 Module
CCE2050 Engineering Software Development (Hendon, Dubai, Malta) CCE2050 Module
CCE2060 Reserch Methodology And Professional Project Development (Hendon, Dubai, Malta) CCE2060 Module
CCE2080 Microwave And Radio Propagation CCE2080 Module
CCE2090 Real-time Wireless Signal Processing and Software Radio CCE2090 Module
CCE3000 Real-time Systems CCE3000 Module
CCE3010 Embedded Linux System And Application Development CCE3010 Module
CCE3040 Advanced Network Design And Security (Hendon, Malta) CCE3040 Module
CCE3070 Network Management (Hendon, Malta) CCE3070 Module
CCE3080 Wireless LANs And Mobile Computing CCE3080 Module
CCE3090 Mobile Wireless Networks: Planning And Optimisation CCE3090 Module
CCE3110 Internet Scale Applications And Development CCE3110 Module
CCE3140 Digital Communications CCE3140 Module
CCE4010 Topics In Computer Systems Engineering CCE4010 Module
CCE4300 Computer Networks and Internetworking (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius, Malta) CCE4300 Module
CCE4310 Network Design, Modelling And Simulation (Hendon, Mauritius) CCE4310 Module
CCE4320 Operating Systems And Application Environments (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius, Malta) CCE4320 Module
CCE4330 Security Architectures And Mechanisms (Hendon, Malta) CCE4330 Module
CCE4340 Network Management (Hendon, Dubai) CCE4340 Module
CCE4350 Penetration Testing And Forensics (Hendon, Malta) CCE4350 Module
CCE4360 Network And Security Services CCE4360 Module
CCE4370 Virtualisation And Cloud Computing (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) CCE4370 Module
CCE4380 Enterprise Network Troubeshooting CCE4380 Module
CCE4840 Broadband Technologies & Fibre Optic Communications CCE4840 Module
CCE4870 Optical Systems And Networks CCE4870 Module
CCE4900 Project Research And Communication Skills (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius, Malta) CCE4900 Module
CCE4999 MEng Project Activity CCE4999 Module
CCM2426 Professional Project Development (Hendon, Dubai, 14/15) CCM2426 Module
CCM4310 Network Design (Mauritius) CCM4310 Module
CCM4320 Network Systems And Services (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) CCM4320 Module
CCM4332 Network Security (Hendon, Mauritius) CCM4332 Module
CCM4340 Network Management, Security And Disaster Recovery (Hendon, Dubai) CCM4340 Module
CMT2317 Web Development And Scripting Technologies (Hendon, Dubai, 14/15) CMT2317 Module
CMT2325 Principles Of Multimedia (Hendon, Dubai, 14/15) CMT2325 Module
CMT2326 Designing Interaction: Principles And Practice (Hendon, Dubai) CMT2326 Module
CMT3313 Client/Server Web System Development (Hendon, Malta, 14/15) CMT3313 Module
CMT3315 Advanced Web Technologies (Hendon, Malta, 14/15) CMT3315 Module
CMT3321 Novel Interaction Technologies (Hendon, Dubai) CMT3321 Module
CMT3331 New Media (Hendon, Dubai) CMT3331 Module
CMT3333 Software Development Project (Hendon, Malta, Mauritius, 14/15) CMT3333 Module
CMT3342 Computing Project Management (Hendon, Dubai) CMT3342 Module
CMT4600 Directions in Creative Technology and Digital Media CMT4600 Module
CMT4605 Working with the Creative Industries (Hendon, Dubai) CMT4605 Module
CSD1000 Programming CSD1000 Module
CSD1002 Foundations CSD1002 Module
CSD1004 Systems And Architecture CSD1004 Module
CSD1200 Information In Organisations (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) CSD1200 Module
CSD1216 Introduction to Computer Forensics: professional, technical and regulatory CSD1216 Module
CSD2000 Database Design (Hendon, Dubai) CSD2000 Module
CSD2216 File Systems Analysis CSD2216 Module
CSD2217 Digital Investigation CSD2217 Module
CSD2221 Sortware Development And Projects CSD2221 Module
CSD2600 Distributed Systems And Networking CSD2600 Module
CSD3200 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (Hendon, Dubai, Malta) CSD3200 Module
CSD3333 Mobile Forensics CSD3333 Module
CSD3334 E-Discovery, E-Disclosure And Evidence Management CSD3334 Module
CSD3335 Social Network Analysis And Visual Analytics CSD3335 Module
CSD3340 Computer Graphics CSD3340 Module
CSD3500 Web, Mobile and Cloud Computing (DIS) CSD3500 Module
CSD3510 IS Planning and Management (DIS) CSD3510 Module
CSD3520 IS Development (DIS) CSD3520 Module
CSD3530 Interaction Design and User Experience (DIS) CSD3530 Module
CSD3820 Human Factors in Information Technology (Hendon, Dubai) CSD3820 Module
CSD3950 AI Techniques In Information Management CSD3950 Module
CSD3999 Computer Science Final Year Project CSD3999 Module
CSD4010 Software Development CSD4010 Module
CSD4020 Distributed Systems CSD4020 Module
CSD4030 Interaction and Visualisation CSD4030 Module
CSD4050 Modelling, Regression And Machine Learning CSD4050 Module
CSD4080 Legal, Ethical and Security Aspects Of Data Science CSD4080 Module
CSD4090 Individual Data Science Project CSD4090 Module
CST 4730 Mobile Communications CST4730 Module
CST 4760 Vehicular Networks CST4760 Module
CST 4770 Shaping the Future of Transport CST4770 Module
CST 4776 Traffic Management CST4776 Module
CST 4780 Secure Network Applications and Services for Vehicular Networks CST4780 Module
CST1110 Programming CST1110 Module
CST1120 First Year Projects CST1120 Module
CST1130 Foundations of Computer Science CST1130 Module
CST1140 System And Architecture CST1140 Module
CST1150 Introduction To programming CST1150 Module
CST1160 Emerging Technologies In Practice CST1160 Module
CST1300 Foundation of Informatics CST1300 Module
CST1340 CST1340 Module
CST1500 Computing Systems Architecture and Operating Systems CST1500 Module
CST1510 Programming for Data Communication and Networks CST1510 Module
CST1520 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics CST1520 Module
CST1530 Computer Networks CST1530 Module
CST2101 Algorithmic Complexity and Machine CST2101 Module
CST2110 Object Oriented Programming CST2110 Module
CST2120 Web Applications and Databases. CST2120 Module
CST2130 Data Management and Business Intelligence CST2130 Module
CST2310 Information Systems Analysis and Design CST2310 Module
CST2320 Project Planning and Research for Information Systems Professional CST2320 Module
CST2330 Data Analysis for Enterprise Modelling CST2330 Module
CST2340 Database Systems: Design and Implementation CST2340 Module
CST2500 Data Communications CST2500 Module
CST2510 Network Practices and Operations CST2510 Module
CST2520 Network and Protocol Analysis CST2520 Module
CST2522 Network and Protocol Analysis CST2522 Module
CST2530, Cyber Security & Digital Forensics Compliance CST2530 Module
CST2540 Digital System Design CST2540 Module
CST2550 Software Engineering Management And Development CST2550 Module
CST2555 Operating Systems And Computer Networks CST2555 Module
CST2560 Project Management and Professional Practice CST2560 Module
CST2570 Internet Technologies CST2570 Module
CST2580 Digital Incident Scene Investigation CST2580 Module
CST3110 Testing and Verification CST3110 Module
CST3120 Teaching Computer Science In The Secondary School CST3120 Module
CST3135 Digital Media Engineering CST3135 Module
CST3140 Novel Interaction Technologies CST3140 Module
CST3145 Web-Based Mobile App Development CST3145 Module
CST3150 Graphics and Visualisation CST3150 Module
CST3160 Designing Secure Systems CST3160 Module
CST3170 Artificial Intelligence CST3170 Module
CST3180 User Experience (UX) Design CST3180 Module
CST3185 Open Source Software CST3185 Module
CST3310 Strategic Information Systems (Enterprise Project) Management CST3310 Module
CST3330 Innovation and Technology Management CST3330 Module
CST3340 Business Intelligence CST3340 Module
CST3390 Undergraduate Individual Project CST3390 Module
CST3500 Supervised Industrial Placement CST3500 Module
CST3510 Memory Analysis CST3510 Module
CST3511 Internet Scale Applications and Development CST3511 Module
CST3512 Real Time Systems CST3512 Module
CST3515 Embedded Linux System and Application Development CST3515 Module
CST3520 Defensive Security CST3520 Module
CST3530 Security and Network Forensics CST3530 Module
CST3540 Advanced Networking CST3540 Module
CST3545 Digital Communications CST3545 Module
CST3550 Blockchain Engineering and Analytics CST3550 Module
CST3555 Industrial Network Design And Management CST3555 Module
CST3560 Network Analysis and Troubleshooting CST3560 Module
CST3562 Enterprise Networking and Automation CST3562 Module
CST3570 Network Management: Disaster Recovery CST3570 Module
CST3577 Network Security CST3577 Module
CST3580 Wireless LANs and Mobile Applications CST3580 Module
CST3590 Individual Project CST3590 Module
CST4010 Software Development CST4010 Module
CST4025 Blockchain Development CST4025 Course
CST4040 Advanced Topics In Computer Science CST4040 Module
CST4055 Data Visualisation CST4055 Module
CST4060 Visual Data Analysis CST4060 Module
CST4070 Applied Data Analytics - Tools, Practical Big Data Handling, Cloud Distribution CST4070 Module
CST4080 Legal, Ethical and Security aspects of Data Science CST4080 Module
CST4090 Individual Data Science Project CST4090 Module
CST4135 Cyber and Information Security CST4135 Module
CST4200 Advanced Topics in Digital Forensics CST4200 Module
CST4210 Audit and Security CST4210 Module
CST4220 Blockchain Anatomy and Analytics CST4220 Module
CST4230 Digital Forensics & Incident Management CST4230 Module
CST4240 FinCrime Risks from Emerging Technologies CST4240 Module
CST4250 Open-Source Intelligence Techniques CST4250 Module
CST4260 Cybercrime CST4260 Module
CST4270 Legal and Professional Aspects of Digital Forensics CST4270 Module
CST4280 Blockchain Strategy CST4280 Module
CST4290 Cyber and Information Security CST4290 Module
CST4300 Information Security Management CST4300 Module
CST4310 Information Systems Quality Management CST4310 Module
CST4320 Regulation of Electronic Commerce and Information Technology CST4320 Module
CST4330 Information System Strategy and Management CST4330 Module
CST4340 Data Management for Decision Support CST4340 Module
CST4345 Knowledge Management Strategies CST4345 Module
CST4350 Knowledge Management Strategies (Hendon, Malta) CST4350 Module
CST4390 Postgraduate Individual Project CST4390 Module
CST4444 Individual Project CST4444 Module
CST4500 Computer Networks And Internetworking CST4500 Module
CST4510 Network Design And Performance Evaluation CST4510 Module
CST4520 Operating Systems and Application Environments CST4520 Module
CST4522 Operating Systems for Networked Environments CST4522 Module
CST4530 Security Solutions and Applications CST4530 Module
CST4540 Network Management CST4540 Module
CST4550 Penetration Testing and Digital Forensics CST4550 Module
CST4560 Network Security and Mechanisms CST4560 Module
CST4570 Virtualisation and Cloud Computing CST4570 Module
CST4580 Enterprise Network Troubleshooting CST4580 Module
CST4590 Cyber Security and Legal Regulations CST4590 Module
CST4599 Individual PG Project CST4599 Module
CST4720 Digital Transmission Systems CST4720 Module
CST4790 MEng Project Activity CST4790 Module
Foundation Psychology MOD_CLUSTER_15 Module
IFP0100 International Foundation Programme (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) IFP0100 Module
IFP0200 International Foundation Programme (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) IFP0200 Module
IFP0400 International Foundation Programme (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) IFP0400 Module
IFP0500 International Foundation Programme (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) IFP0500 Module
IFP0600 International Foundation Certificate Programme (Hendon) IFP0600 Module
ITX2000 Remote Hosts And Webservers (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius, Malta) ITX2000 Module
ITX2020 IT Infrastructure (Hendon, Dubai, Malta, Mauritius) ITX2020 Module
ITX3000 Human Factors In IT (Hendon, Mauritius) ITX3000 Module
MDA4600 Creative Technologies MDA4600 Module
Metabolic Biochemistry BIO1400 Module
MSO0200 Foundation Mathematics (Tech and MPA) MSO02000 Module
MSO0200/01/04 (DBI) Foundation Mathematics MOD_CLUSTER_207 Module
MSO0201 Foundation Mathematics (Psychology) MSO0201 Module
MSO0202 Foundation Mathematics (BIO) MSO0202 Module
MSO0203 Foundation Mathematics (Business) MSO0203 Module
MSO0204 Foundation Mathematics (LAW) MSO0204 Module
MSO0205 (DBI) Fundamentals of Business Mathematics MSO0205_DBI Module
MSO0205 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics MSO0205 Module
MSO0215 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics MSO0215 Module
MSO0225 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics MSO0225 Module
MSO1110 Vectors And Matrices MSO1110 Module
MSO1115 Calculus and Geometry MSO1115 Module
MSO1120 Calculus And Differential Equations MSO1120 Module
MSO1125 Mathematical Thinking MSO1125 Module
MSO1130 Logic And Structures MSO1130 Module
MSO1141 Data And Information MSO1141 Module
MSO1210 Mathematics and Mechanics for Biomedical Engineers MSO1210 Module
MSO1620 Financial Data Analysis (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) MSO1620 Module
MSO1621 Quantitative Methods for Finance MSO1621 Module
MSO1625 (QAHE) Financial Data Analysis MOD_CLUSTER_258 Module
MSO1625 Financial Data Analysis MSO1625 Module
MSO1730 Applications And Research In Management MSO1730 Module
MSO1735 Applications And Research In Management (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) MSO1735 Module
MSO1740 Quantitative Methods for Business (DBI) MSO1740_DBI Module
MSO1740 Quantitative Methods for Business (HEN) MSO1740_HEN Module
MSO1740 Quantitative Methods for Business (MRU) MSO1740_MRU Module
MSO1740 Quantitative Methods for Business (QAHE) MSO1740 Module
MSO1741 Quantitative Methods for Business MSO1741 Module
MSO1741 Quantitative Methods for Business (DBI) MSO1741_DBI Module
MSO1741 Quantitative Methods for Business (HEN) MSO1741_HEN Module
MSO1741 Quantitative Methods for Business (MRU) MSO1741_MRU Module
MSO1745 Marketing Tools and Analysis MSO1745 Module
MSO2110 Groups And Rings MSO2110 Module
MSO2120 Mathematical Analysis MSO2120 Module
MSO2130 Discrete Mathematics And Geometry MSO2130 Module
MSO2140 Problem Solving Methods MSO2140 Module
MSO2620 Financial Mathematics (Hendon, Mauritius) MSO2620 Module
MSO3110 Advanced Algebra MSO3110 Module
MSO3120 Real And Complex Analysis MSO3120 Module
MSO3130 Communicating Maths MSO3130 Module
MSO3170 Combinatorics MSO3170 Module
MSO3220 Differential Equations MSO3220 Module
MSO3310 Multivariate Statistics MSO3310 Module
MSO3510 Simulation And Decison Making MSO3510 Module
MSO3620 Financial Statistics (Hendon, Mauritius) MSO3620 Module
MSO3625 Quantitative Methods And Accounting MSO3625 Module
MSO4100 MMath Reading Course MSO4100 Module
MSO4110 Risk Measurement MSO4110 Module
MSO4113 Portfolio Analysis MSO4113 Module
MSO4116 Stochastic Calculus and Pricing Derivatives MSO4116 Module
MSO4150 MMath Project MSO4150 Module
MSO4160 Portfolios And Risk MSO4160 Module
MSO4180 Financial Data And Computing MSO4180 Module
MSO4200 Advanced Topics In Mathematics A MSO4200 Module
MSO4220 Differential Equations MSO4220 Module
MSO4250 Advanced Topics In Mathematics B MSO4250 Module
MSO4310 Multivariate Statistics MSO4310 Module
MSO4311 Probability and Stochastic Processes MSO4311 Module
MSO4312 Inference Theory MSO4312 Module
MSO4313 Descriptive Statistical Analysis MSO4313 Module
MSO4314 Statistical Modelling MSO4314 Module
MSO4350 Data Collection and Analysis MSO4350 Module
MSO4351 Time Series And Forecasting MSO4351 Module
MSO4352 Statistical Thinking and Processes MSO4352 Module
MSO4353 Multivariate Methods MSO4353 Module
MSO4354 Probability Theory and Mathematical Analysis MSO4354 Module
MSO4355 Statistical Modelling MSO4355 Module
MSO4511 Optimisation Theory MSO4511 Module
MSO4512 Applied Optimisation MSO4512 Module
MSO4513 Computational Complexity MSO4513 Module
MSO4522 Game And Decision Theories MSO4522 Module
MSO4730 Decision Making For International Managers MSO4730 Module
MSO4735 Management Decision Making MSO4735 Module
MSO4801 (DBI) Advanced Business Statistics MSO4801_DBI Module
MSO4991 Project MSO4991 Module
PDE1110 Computing and Electronic Engineering Skills and Projects 1 PDE1110 Module
PDE1120 Fundamentals of Electronics and Communication Engineering PDE1120 Module
PDE1130 Programming Paradigms for Physical Computing and IoT PDE1130 Module
PDE1140 Practical Applications of Mathematics for Engineers PDE1140 Module
PDE1214 Electronics And Computing Principles For Clinical Engineers PDE1214 Module
PDE1215 Computing for Biomedical Engineers PDE1215 Module
PDE1216 Electronics for Biomedical Engineers PDE1216 Module
PDE1224 Mechanics And Mathematics For Clinical Engineers PDE1224 Module
PDE1234 Design Practice for Biomedical Engineers PDE1234 Module
PDE1250 Computer Mediated Design Practice PDE1250 Module
PDE1300 Design And Studio Practice PDE1300 Module
PDE1310 Prototyping PDE1310 Module
PDE1350 Design Tools PDE1350 Module
PDE1400 Design Engineering PDE1400 Module
PDE1410 Design Engineering PDE1410 Module
PDE1420 Design Engineering PDE1420 Module
PDE1430 Design Engineering PDE1430 Module
PDE2100 Computer Systems Engineering Projects 2 PDE2100 Module
PDE2101 Engineering Software Development PDE2101 Module
PDE2102 Digital System Design PDE2102 Module
PDE2103 Signal Processing and Communications PDE2103 Module
PDE2110 Electronic Engineering Projects 2 PDE2110 Module
PDE2111 Analogue Electronics PDE2111 Module
PDE2200 Human Factors and Product Design PDE2200 Module
PDE2250 Design Projects PDE2250 Module
PDE2251 Product Design in Context PDE2251 Module
PDE2293 Advanced CAD And CAM PDE2293 Module
PDE2294 Technology Systems For Product Design PDE2294 Module
PDE2311 Advanced Prototyping PDE2311 Module
PDE2312 Advanced Technical Prototyping PDE2312 Module
PDE2351 Advanced Design Tools PDE2351 Module
PDE2352 Advanced Technical Design Tools PDE2352 Module
PDE2360 Design Methods, Processes and Practice PDE2360 Module
PDE2400 Design Engineering PDE2400 Module
PDE2401 Design Engineering PDE2401 Module
PDE2410 Design Engineering PDE2410 Module
PDE2420 Design Engineering PDE2420 Module
PDE2430 Design Engineering PDE2430 Module
PDE2431 Design Engineering PDE2431 Module
PDE2440 Design Engineering PDE2440 Module
PDE2975 Design Of Medical Devices PDE2975 Module
PDE2985 Medical Equipment Lifecycle PDE2985 Module
PDE3250 Thick Sandwich Placement (TKSW) PDE3250 Module
PDE3253 Design Dissertation PDE3253 Module
PDE3255 Design Manifestation PDE3255 Module
PDE3330 Professional Context PDE3330 Module
PDE3360 Design Projects And Professional Practice PDE3360 Module
PDE3365 Engineering Design Projects and Professional Practice PDE3365 Module
PDE3400 Design Engineering Major Project PDE3400 Module
PDE3410 Design Engineering PDE3410 Module
PDE3411 System-on-a chip Design PDE3411 Module
PDE3412 Design Engineering PDE3412 Module
PDE3413 Systems Engineering For Robotics (Hendon, Malta) PDE3413 Module
PDE3420 System Design and Validation PDE3420 Module
PDE3422 Design Engineering PDE3422 Module
PDE3430 Design Engineering PDE3430 Module
PDE3433 Advanced Robotics PDE3433 Module
PDE3433/PDE4813 Advanced Robotics MOD_CLUSTER_146 Module
PDE3440 Design Engineering PDE3440 Module
PDE3606 Clinical Engineering Research Project PDE3606 Module
PDE3696 Biomedical Engineering Major Project PDE3696 Module
PDE3700 Research Dissertation PDE3700 Module
PDE3710 Collaborative Practices And Project Management PDE3710 Module
PDE3853 Design Engineering PDE3853 Module
PDE4231 Human And Financial Management In Engineering (Hendon, Dubai) PDE4231 Module
PDE4232 Human And Financial Management In Engineering (Hendon, Dubai) PDE4232 Module
PDE4233 Human And Financial Management In Engineering (Hendon, Dubai) PDE4233 Module
PDE4241 Engineering Management Group Project (Hendon, Dubai) PDE4241 Module
PDE4301 Technical BIM Management PDE4301 Module
PDE4302 Operational BIM Management PDE4302 Module
PDE4400 Design Engineering PDE4400 Module
PDE4410 Design Engineering PDE4410 Module
PDE4424 Industrial Manipulators PDE4424 Module
PDE4430 Mobile Robotics PDE4430 Module
PDE4431 Robot Manipulation PDE4431 Module
PDE4432 Robot Control PDE4432 Module
PDE4433 Machine Learning for Robotics PDE4433 Module
PDE4434 Intelligent Sensing for Robotics PDE4434 Module
PDE4435 Robotic Systems Integration PDE4435 Module
PDE4439 Project PDE4439 Module
PDE4501 Mechatronic Systems (Hardware and Software Portfolio) PDE4501 Module
PDE4502 Mechatronic Systems (Systems Integration Portfolio) PDE4502 Module
PDE4503 Individual Project PDE4503 Module
PDE4677 Advanced Rehabilitation Engineering and Musculoskeletal Science PDE4677 Module
PDE4800 Design Engineering PDE4800 Module
PDE4802 Design Engineering PDE4802 Module
PDE4803 Design Engineering PDE4803 Module
PDE4811 Design Engineering PDE4811 Module
PDE4812 Design Engineering PDE4812 Module
PDE4813 Design Engineering PDE4813 Module
PDE4821 Digital Communication Systems PDE4821 Module
PDE4825 Intelligent Environments and IoT PDE4825 Module
PDE4830 Mobile Communications PDE4830 Module
PDE4850 Advanced Topics in Communication Systems PDE4850 Module
PDE4853 Design Engineering PDE4853 Module
PDE4880 Design Engineering PDE4880 Module
PDE4899 Postgraduate Project PDE4899 Module
PDE4905 Engineering Simulation (Hendon, Dubai) PDE4905 Module
POI4112 Global Security POI4112 Module
PRS1007 Introduction to Law and Environmental Health PRS1007 Module
PRS2016 Environmental Health Housing Practice PRS2016 Module
PRS2106 Environmental Health Housing Practice PRS2106 Module
PRS2107 Housing in Public Health PRS2107 Module
PRS2109 Housing Conditions & Intervention PRS2109 Module
PRS2122 Leadership in Public Health PRS2122 Module
PRS3122 Communication, Society, Ethics and Law in Public Health PRS3122 Module
PRS3202 Applied Environmental and Public Health Strategy PRS3202 Module
PRS3203 Leadership in Environmental and Public Health PRS3203 Module
PRS3212 Philosophy and Approaches to Health and Safety at Work PRS3212 Module
PRS3330 Dissertation PRS3330 Module
PRS3411 Toxicology And Science Foundation PRS3411 Module
PRS3412 Toxicology and Science Foundation (Professional Pathway) PRS3412 Module
PRS3464/PRS4464 Management of Health and Well-being MOD_CLUSTER_246 Module
PRS3512 Occupational Health, Hygiene And Ergonomics PRS3512 Module
PRS3522 Risk Management And Occupational Psychology PRS3522 Module
PRS3542 Workplace and Fire Safety PRS3542 Module
PRS3702 / PRS4700 Environmental Assessment MOD_CLUSTER_112 Module
PRS3702 / PRS4700 Environmental Assessment PRS3702 Module
PRS3799 Effective Environmental and Public Health Interventions PRS3799 Module
PRS3988 Dissertation PRS3988 Module
PRS3999 Research Methods And Project PRS3999 Module
PRS4100 Health Economics PRS4100 Module
PRS4117 Advanced Private Sector Housing Regulation PRS4117 Module
PRS4202 Policy And Public Health Strategy PRS4202 Module
PRS4210 Factors Shaping Health And Safety At Work PRS4210 Module
PRS4211 Managing Health And Safety Processes At Work PRS4211 Module
PRS4212 Management of Workplace Safety PRS4212 Module
PRS4222 Philosophy and Leadership of Occupational Safety and Health Improvement PRS4222 Module
PRS4299 Research Methods PRS4299 Module
PRS4421 Occupational Safety And Health Management And Law PRS4421 Module
PRS4431 Fundamentals Of Strategic Risk Management PRS4431 Module
PRS4432 Risk Management in Practice PRS4432 Module
PRS4434 Factors affecting risk and strategic risk intervention PRS4434 Module
PRS4435 Flood Risk Management PRS4435 Module
PRS4464 Management of Health and Well-being PRS4464 Module
PRS4504 Environmental Health Management And Law PRS4504 Module
PRS4505 Risk Management: Assessment And Control PRS4505 Module
PRS4510 Global Sustainability Issues PRS4510 Module
PRS4512 Occupational Hygiene And Health PRS4512 Module
PRS4520 Applied Sustainability Case Study PRS4520 Module
PRS4526 Flood Risk Management PRS4526 Module
PRS4552 Health And Safety Within High Risk Industries PRS4552 Module
PRS4607 Risk Perception and Risk Communication PRS4607 Module
PRS4609 Risk Characterisation and Evaluation PRS4609 Module
PRS4663 Occupational Psychology And Ergonomics PRS4663 Module
PRS4699 Research Project PRS4699 Module
PRS4799 Research Methodology And Dissertation PRS4799 Module
PRS4899 Environmental And Health Interventions PRS4899 Module
PRS4950 Professional Practice PRS4950 Module
PRS4999 Professional Experience Placement or Virtual Placement PRS4999 Module
PSY0010 (DBI) Introductory Psychology PSY0010_DBI Module
PSY0010 Introductory Psychology PSY0010 Module
PSY0020 Foundation Project PSY0020 Module
PSY1013 Psychology: Practice & Context PSY1013 Module
PSY1016 Research Design In Psychology (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius ) PSY1016 Module
PSY1017 Psychological Data Analysis (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY1017 Module
PSY1018 Psychological Statistics PSY1018 Module
PSY1019 Personal Coaching For Academic Successs PSY1019 Module
PSY1020 Psychological Statistics: Mind and Behaviour in Context PSY1020 Module
PSY1021 The Counselling Relationship PSY1021 Module
PSY1022 Preparing for Academic Success PSY1022 Module
PSY2004 Research Methods And Ethics In Psychology (Hendon, Dubai) PSY2004 Module
PSY2005 Applied Psychology: Research Methods And Ethics (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY2005 Module
PSY2006 Brain, Body and Mind PSY2006 Module
PSY2008 Contemporary Issues in Psychology PSY2008 Module
PSY2009 Social Psychology and Individual Difference (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY2009 Module
PSY2014 Developmental Psychology (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY2014 Module
PSY2017 Therapeutic Applications of Cognitive Psych, Neuroscience and Individual Differences PSY2017 Module
PSY2019 Approaches to Psychological Therapies PSY2019 Module
PSY3003 Visual Research Methods PSY3003 Module
PSY3004 Placement For Employability PSY3004 Module
PSY3009 Individual Differences: Term 2 (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY3009 Module
PSY3012 Lifespan Psychology (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY3012 Module
PSY3013 Applied Social Psychology PSY3013 Module
PSY3014 Psychology Of Language And Communication PSY3014 Module
PSY3015 Health, Exercise And Sport Psychology (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY3015 Module
PSY3017 Mental Health, Well-Being And Consciousness (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY3017 Module
PSY3018 Business Psychology (Hendon, Dubai) PSY3018 Module
PSY3021 Psychoanalysis In Context PSY3021 Module
PSY3023 Psychology In Education PSY3023 Module
PSY3024 Professional Practice (Hendon, Mauritius) PSY3024 Module
PSY3031 The Science Of Intimate Relationships PSY3031 Module
PSY3034 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods PSY3034 Module
PSY3035 Creativity & Imagination PSY3035 Module
PSY3036 Fundamentals of Cognition: Human Memory PSY3036 Module
PSY3038 Psychology of Music PSY3038 Module
PSY3039 Therapeutic Psychology PSY3039 Module
PSY3042 Psychology In Education (Hendon, Dubai) PSY3042 Module
PSY3043 PSY3043 Module
PSY3044 Lifespan Issues: Impact of Life Experience PSY3044 Module
PSY3046 How to Do Cognitive Neuroscience PSY3046 Module
PSY3048 Key Issues & Controversies In The Psychology of Elite Sport Performance PSY3048 Module
PSY3049 The Psychology of Stress, Motivation & Work-Life Balance PSY3049 Module
PSY3051 Applying Health Psychology to Behaviour Change PSY3051 Module
PSY3052 Neuropsychology: The Healthy Brain and What Can Go Wrong With It PSY3052 Module
PSY3053 Neuropsychology of Language and Communication PSY3053 Module
PSY3054 Applied Social Psychology PSY3054 Module
PSY3055 Evolutionary Approaches to Behaviour PSY3055 Module
PSY3056 Social, Cultural & Community Mental Health PSY3056 Module
PSY3057 Primatology PSY3057 Module
PSY3058 Visual Psychology: Arts, Film and Photography in Psychology PSY3058 Module
PSY3330 Psychology Dissertation (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY3330 Module
PSY3331 Extended Dissertation PSY3331 Module
PSY4009 Foundations And Applications Of Health Psychology PSY4009 Module
PSY4011 Advanced Research Methods In Psychology PSY4011 Module
PSY4012 Research Methods In Applied Psychology (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY4012 Module
PSY4019 Applied Neuropsychology Psychology In Education (Hendon, Dubai) PSY4019 Module
PSY4021 Biological And Cognitive Psychology PSY4021 Module
PSY4022 Developmental Psychology (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY4022 Module
PSY4023 Individual Differences: Term 2 PSY4023 Module
PSY4030 Victims, Offenders And Communities PSY4030 Module
PSY4031 Psychology Of Investigation And Criminal Justice PSY4031 Module
PSY4032 Assessment, Intervention And Professional Practice PSY4032 Module
PSY4035 : Research: Practice and Reporting PSY4035 Module
PSY4041 Brain, Body And Mind PSY4041 Module
PSY4042 Social, Personality And Developmental Psychology PSY4042 Module
PSY4045 Research And Issues In Applied Psychology PSY4045 Module
PSY4050 Research Methods Quantitative PSY4050 Module
PSY4052 Psychology of Wellness and Illness PSY4052 Module
PSY4110 Psychological Processes Of Illness And Health Care Delivery PSY4110 Module
PSY4115 Counselling And Psychotherapy In Applied Psychology (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY4115 Module
PSY4117 Applied Business Psychology (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY4117 Module
PSY4220 Psychology Placement PSY4220 Module
PSY4221 Psychology Work Based Project PSY4221 Module
PSY4222 Advanced Psychology Dissertation (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY4222 Module
PSY4223 Trauma Experience and Intervention PSY4223 Module
SAT0100 and SAT0105 SMART MOD_CLUSTER_209 Module
SAT0301 Foundation Project SAT0301 Module
SAT0304 (DBI) Foundation Project SAT0304_DBI Module
SAT0304 Foundation Project SAT0304 Module
SAT0305 Foundation Project SAT0305 Module
SAT0500 SMART SAT0500 Module
SAT0501 SMART SAT0501 Module
SAT0502 SMART SAT0502 Module
SAT0503 SMART SAT0503 Module
Science & Technology/Health & Education MProf/DProf PROG_CLUSTER_145 Module
SES0100 Introductory Sport Science. SES0100 Module
SES1240 Fundamentals Of Anatomy And Human Movement SES1240 Module
SES1241 Fundamentals of Health and Fitness SES1241 Module
SES1242 Professional Skills Development and Work Experience SES1242 Module
SES1243 Fundamentals Of Sport And Exercise Science SES1243 Module
SES1244 Professional Skills Development And Clinical Experience SES1244 Module
SES1502/SES1602/SES1702/SES1802 Fundamentals of Sport & Exercise Science MOD_CLUSTER_196 Module
SES1603 Fundamentals of Training Principles in Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation SES1603 Module
SES1606 Anatomy, Client Assessment and Sports Massage SES1606 Module
SES1607 pathology, Mechanism and Classification of Injury SES1607 Module
SES1805 Fundamentals of Strength & Conditioning SES1805 Module
SES1941 Fundamentals of Football Performance SES1941 Module
SES1942 Professional Skills & Work Based Learning SES1942 Module
SES1943 Fundamentals of Football Coaching SES1943 Module
SES1944 Fundamentals of Football Development SES1944 Module
SES2116 Applied Sport and Health Coaching SES2116 Module
SES2203 Applied Sport And Exercise Research Methods SES2203 Module
SES2222 Applied Physiology And Biomechanics SES2222 Module
SES2223 Corrective Exercise and Assessment SES2223 Module
SES2224 Sports Injuries and Therapeutic Modalities SES2224 Module
SES2501/SES2601/SES2701/SES2801 Research Methods MOD_CLUSTER_202 Module
SES2502/SES2602/SES2702/SES2802 Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition MOD_CLUSTER_203 Module
SES2503/SES2703/SES2803 Applied Performance Analysis MOD_CLUSTER_200 Module
SES2504 Applied Physiology and Biomechanics SES2504 Module
SES2505 Applied Sport Psychology SES2505 Module
SES2557 Applied Sport And Exercise Psychology SES2557 Module
SES2603 Corrective Exercise Based Rehab SES2603 Module
SES2604 Pitch-side and Immediate Care SES2604 Module
SES2605 Introduction to Therapeutic Modalities SES2605 Module
SES2606 Applied Soft Tissue Techniques SES2606 Module
SES2607 Clinical Biomechanics SES2607 Module
SES2704/SES2804 Applied Sport and Exercise Science MOD_CLUSTER_201 Module
SES2705 Applied Physical Education and Coaching SES2705 Module
SES2951 Applied Football Performance SES2951 Module
SES2953 Applied Football Coaching & Work Based Learning SES2953 Module
SES2954 Applied Football Development SES2954 Module
SES3332 Fundamentals Of Strength And Conditioning SES3332 Module
SES3337 Advanced Sports and Community Development SES3337 Module
SES3338 Interdisciplinary Sports Science SES3338 Module
SES3339 Advanced Teaching and Coaching Sport SES3339 Module
SES3340 Advanced Sport and Exercise Science SES3340 Module
SES3341 Advanced Clinical Practice SES3341 Module
SES3346 Football Science SES3346 Module
SES3360 Dissertation SES3360 Module
SES3370 Independent Learning MODULE SES3370 Module
SES3501/SES3601/SES3701/SES3801 Dissertation MOD_CLUSTER_205 Module
SES3502/SES3702/SES3802 Advanced Sport & Exercise Science MOD_CLUSTER_204 Module
SES3503 Advanced Sport and Exercise Work Based Practice SES3503 Module
SES3504 Advanced Physiology SES3504 Module
SES3505 Advanced Biomechanics SES3505 Module
SES3506 Advanced Sport Psychology SES3506 Module
SES3602 Advanced Rehabilitation and Performance Programming SES3602 Module
SES3604 Advanced Client Care SES3604 Module
SES3804 Advanced Strength and Conditioning SES3804 Module
SES3902 Professional Practice & Development SES3902 Module
SES4005 Performance Analysis SES4005 Module
SES4011 Biometric Modelling and Performance Profiling SES4011 Module
SES4013 Work Placement SES4013 Module
SES4014 Strength and Conditioning Science SES4014 Module
SES4015 Performance Training and Corrective Exercise SES4015 Module
SES4020 Advanced Sport and Exercise Psychology SES4020 Module
SES4021 Advanced Sport and Exercise Physiology SES4021 Module
SES4022 Advanced Sport and Exercise Biomechanics SES4022 Module
SES4030 Research Methods SES4030 Module
SES4031 Advanced Anatomy and Client Assessment SES4031 Module
SES4032 Advanced Player Management SES4032 Module
SES4033 Neurophysiology of Pain and Special Populations SES4033 Module
SES4034 Pathophysiology and Mechanism of Musculoskeletal Injury SES4034 Module
SES4035 Rehabilitation and Conditioning Techniques SES4035 Module
SES4037 Theory of Sport and Exercise Nutrition SES4037 Module
SES4038 Applied Sport Nutrition SES4038 Module
SES4041 Exercise Prescription And Management In Special Populations SES4041 Module
SES4042 Clinical Sciences for Special Populations SES4042 Module
SES4052 Sports and Clinical Biomechanics SES4052 Module
SES4053 Clinical Placement SES4053 Module
SES4058 Data Analysis and Visualisation SES4058 Module
SES4059 Biometric Modelling SES4059 Module
SES4060 Clinical Science and Nutrition SES4060 Module
SES4095 Dissertation SES4095 Module
SSC4560 Law And Governance SSC4560 Module
SSC4602 Research And Practice Skills SSC4602 Module

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