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ACI3611 Establishing of Professional Practice ACI3611 Module
APM1000 (AJC) Brands, Media and Society APM1000_AJC Module
APM1000 Brands, Media and Society APM1000 Module
APM1001 (AJC) Creative Advertising APM1001_AJC Module
APM1001 Creative Advertising APM1001 Module
APM1002 (AJC) Public Relations Practice APM1002_AJC Module
APM1002 (DBI) Public Relations Practice APM1002_DBI Module
APM1002 Public Relations Practice APM1002 Module
APM1002 Public Relations Practice (MRU) APM1002_MRU Module
APM1200 (AJC) Content Design APM1200_AJC Module
APM1200 Content Design APM1200 Module
APM2000 Understanding Consumer Culture APM2000 Module
APM2001 Brand Management APM2001 Module
APM2002 Campaign Planning APM2002 Module
APM2003 Creative Industries Work Placement APM2003 Module
APM2051 Promotional Cultures APM2051 Module
APM2250 Promotional Video Production APM2250 Module
APM3000 Independent Project APM3000 Module
APM3001 Digital Advertising APM3001 Module
APM3002 Social Media and Public Relations APM3002 Module
APM3003 Campaigns and Social Impact APM3003 Module
APM3004 Entrepreneurship APM3004 Module
APM3005 Place Branding And International Diplomacy APM3005 Module
BA Digital Media PROG_CLUSTER_188 Programme
Character, Conflict, Dialogue CMW1013 Module
CML3101 Creating and Understanding Meaning CML3101 Module
CML3102 (DBI) Writing Techniques CML3102_DBI Module
CML3102 (HEN) Writing Techniques CML3102_HEN Module
CML3102 (MRU) Writing Techniques CML3102_MRU Module
CMW1012 (DBI) Writing Creatively CMW1012_DBI Module
CMW1012 Writing Creatively CMW1012 Module
CMW1013 (DBI) Character, Conflict and Dialogue CMW1013_DBI Module
CMW2014 Fiction: The Short Story CMW2014 Module
CMW2014/ENG2004 Fiction: The Short Story MOD_CLUSTER_252 Module
CMW2201 History of Storytelling CMW2201 Module
CMW2202 Techniques of Fiction CMW2202 Module
CMW3008 Creative Writing Project CMW3008 Module
CMW3011 Popular Non-Fiction CMW3011 Module
CMW3012 Genre Fiction CMW3012 Module
CMW3015 Work Placement CMW3015 Module
CMW3016 Working as a Writer CMW3016 Module
CMW4100 Media and Creative Writing CMW4100 Module
CMW4200 Key Principles of Storytelling CMW4200 Module
CMW4300 Sustaining the Narrative CMW4300 Module
CMW4500 Research Methods CMW4500 Module
CMW4501 Writing as a Novelist CMW4501 Module
CMW4502 Reading as a Novelist CMW4502 Module
CMW4503 Research for Fiction CMW4503 Module
CMW4505 Dissertation CMW4505 Module
CMW4600 Dissertation CMW4600 Module
Communication Techniques CML2103_HEN Module
Creative Industries Work Placement DME2003 Module
Critical Practice in Music & The Arts MUS3030 Module
DAN1001 : Dance Practices 1: Participatory Arts Component DAN1001 Module
DAN1002 Dance Studies 1: Anatomy Component DAN1002 Module
DAN1100 Dance: Learning in Context DAN1100 Module
DAN1411 The Emerging Dance Artist DAN1411 Module
DAN2010 Dance Practices 2: Choreography Component DAN2010 Module
DAN2011 Jazz Dance DAN2011 Module
DAN2012 Body, Mind, Movement DAN2012 Module
DAN2013 Dance Histories and Philosophies DAN2013 Module
DAN2110 Dance Studies 2: Critical Studies Component DAN2110 Module
DAN2211 Jazz Dance DAN2211 Module
DAN2212 Improvisation DAN2212 Module
DAN2213 Repertoire DAN2213 Module
DAN2511 Theorising Performance and Practice DAN2511 Module
DAN2522 Dance Techniques and Performance DAN2522 Module
DAN2533 Creativity and Enterprise DAN2533 Module
DAN2544 Dance Science DAN2544 Module
DAN3050 Choreographic Contexts DAN3050 Module
DAN3051 Choreography 1 DAN3051 Module
DAN3061 Choreography 2 DAN3061 Module
DAN3100 Dance Technique DAN3100 Module
DAN3200 Dance Performance DAN3200 Module
DAN3611 Applied Professional Practices DAN3611 Module
DAN3622 Directed Performance DAN3622 Module
DAN3623 Dance Techniques (Performance) DAN3623 Module
DAN3624 Dance Techniques (Practice) DAN3624 Module
DAN3633 Creative Performance DAN3633 Module
DAN3644 Collaborative Practice DAN3644 Module
DAN3666 Teaching Safe Dance Practice DAN3666 Module
DAN3700 Professional Studies: Teaching Dance Component 2 DAN3700 Module
DAN3710 Applied Professional Practice: Core Component DAN3710 Module
DAN3800 Independent Project DAN3800 Module
DAN3810 Independent Research Project DAN3810 Module
DAN3820 Dance Science Project DAN3820 Module
DAN3830 Choreographic Research Project DAN3830 Module
DAN4510 Review of Professional Practice DAN4510 Module
DAN4630 Advanced Practitioner Inquiry DAN4630 Module
DAN4760 Independent Professional Practice Project DAN4760 Module
Digital Cultures DME2200 Module
Digital Media Practice DME2002 Module
DME1000 (DBI) Media Analysis DME1000_DBI Module
DME1000/MED1000 (HEN) Media Analysis MOD_CLUSTER_148 Module
DME1001 (DBI) Network Cultures DME1001_DBI Module
DME1001 Network Cultures DME1001 Module
DME1002 (DBI) Social Media and the World Wide Web DME1002_DBI Module
DME1002 Social Media and the World Wide Web DME1002 Module
DME1200 (DBI) Information Design Online and for Print DME1200_DBI Module
DME1200 Information Design Online and for Print DME1200 Module
DME2200/GAM2004/PUB2200 Digital Cultures MOD_CLUSTER_173 Module
DME3000 Independent Project DME3000 Module
DME3001 Project Management and Innovation DME3001 Module
DME3002 Locative Media and Mobility DME3002 Module
DME3003 Gender Identity and New Media DME3003 Module
DME3004 Open Cultures DME3004 Module
DME3005 Culture, Consumption and Identity in the Digital Age DME3005 Module
ENG1000 Language, Literature And Writing ENG1000 Module
ENG1001 Global Englishes ENG1001 Module
ENG1002 Writing And The Contemporary World ENG1002 Module
ENG2000 Research, Practice and Professional Communication ENG2000 Module
ENG2001 Language Acquisition ENG2001 Module
ENG2002 Language and Identities ENG2002 Module
ENG2003 Writing Short Scripts ENG2003 Module
ENG2004 Writing Short Fiction ENG2004 Module
ENG2005 Reality, Fantasy and Metafiction ENG2005 Module
ENG3003 Writing Reality ENG3003 Module
ENG3004 Writing for Popular Markets ENG3004 Module
ENG3005 Identities And Global Literature ENG3005 Module
ENG3006 Work Placement ENG3006 Module
Film Entrepreneurship FLM3002 Module
FLM1100 Screen Storytelling FLM1100 Module
FLM1200 Screen Aesthetics FLM1200 Module
FLM1300 Film Production Fundamentals FLM1300 Module
FLM1301 Film Production Fundamentals II FLM1301 Module
FLM2100 Screenwriting: the short film FLM2100 Module
FLM2200 Film Craft FLM2200 Module
FLM2300 Producing And Directing FLM2300 Module
FLM2400 Documentary Film FLM2400 Module
FLM3000 Major Project FLM3000 Module
FLM3001 Film Ideology And Aesthetics FLM3001 Module
FLM3100 Advanced Screenwriting FLM3100 Module
FLM3200 Advanced Craft Skills FLM3200 Module
FLM3300 Advanced Producing and Directing FLM3300 Module
GAM1002 Creative Technologies Workshop 1 GAM1002 Module
GAM1003 Creative Technologies Workshop 2 GAM1003 Module
GAM1004 Games Fundamentals 1 GAM1004 Module
GAM1005 Games Fundamentals 2 GAM1005 Module
GAM2002 Advanced Creative Technologies Workshop 1 GAM2002 Module
GAM2003 Advanced Creative Technologies Workshop 2 GAM2003 Module
GAM2004 Digital Cultures GAM2004 Module
GAM2005/DME2005/CMW2015 Storytelling for Games MOD_CLUSTER_170 Module
GAM2006 Game Technologies GAM2006 Module
GAM3002 Final Project: Technical GAM3002 Module
GAM3003 Final Project: Design-led GAM3003 Module
GAM3005 Research and Documentation GAM3005 Module
GAM3006 Professional Portfolio GAM3006 Module
GDN1000 (DBI) Design Exploration GDN1000_DBI Module
GDN1000 Design Exploration GDN1000_HEN Module
GDN1002 (DBI) Graphic Design Creative Workshop GDN1002_DBI Module
GDN1002 Graphic Design Creative Workshop GDN1002_HEN Module
GDN2000 (DBI) Graphic Design Practice GDN2000_DBI Module
GDN2000 Graphic Design Practice GDN2000_HEN Module
GDN3000 (DBI) Graphic Design Major Project GDN3000_DBI Module
GDN3000 Graphic Design Major Project GDN3000_HEN Module
GDN3001 (DBI) Graphic Design Professional Practice GDN3001_DBI Module
GDN3001 Graphic Design Professional Practice GDN3001_HEN Module
JCM1300 What is Journalism? JCM1300 Module
JCM1301 Information, Power and People JCM1301 Module
JCM1304 Campaign Communication JCM1304 Module
JCM2000 Core Issues in Journalism and Communication (Dubai, 14/15) JCM2000 Module
JCM2001 (DBI) Broadcast Journalism JCM2001_DBI Module
JCM2001 Broadcast Journalism JCM2001 Module
JCM2200 International Journalisms And Global News Media (Dubai, 14/15) JCM2200 Module
JCM2301 Multimodal Journalism JCM2301 Module
JCM2302: Arts, Lifestyle & Sports Journalism JCM2302 Module
JCM2303 Political Communication JCM2303 Module
JCM2304 Innovative Science & Technology Writing JCM2304 Module
JCM2305 Investigative Techniques JCM2305 Module
JCM3001 Campaigning Journalism And Critical Writing (Dubai,14/15) JCM3001 Module
JCM3200 (DBI) Media, Events, Ethics JCM3200_DBI Module
JCM3301 Entrepreneurship JCM3301 Module
JCM3302 (DBI) Long Form Journalism JCM3302_DBI Module
JCM3302 Long-Form Journalism JCM3302 Module
JCM3304 Global Journalism and News Cultures JCM3304 Module
JCM3304 Global Journalism and News Cultures (DBI) JCM3304_DBI Module
JCM3305 The Newsroom JCM3305 Module
JCM4000 Multimedia and Digital Journalism Skills JCM4000 Module
JCM4001 Reporting and Accountability: Power and Ethics JCM4001 Module
JCM4002 Big Data and Coding for Journalism JCM4002 Module
JCM4003 Technological Advance, Trends and Innovation in an Age of Digital Disruption JCM4003 Module
JCM4004 Major Project JCM4004 Module
Journalism Skills JCM1302 Module
JRN1000 Journalism Foundation JRN1000 Module
JRN1001 Journalism Fieldwork JRN1001 Module
JRN1003 Introduction To Journalism Technology JRN1003 Module
JRN2000 Broadcast Journalism 1 JRN2000 Module
JRN2003 Researching Journalism JRN2003 Module
JRN2004 Advanced Digital Journalism (Hendon, Dubai) JRN2004 Module
JRN3002 Work Placement and Professional Identity JRN3002 Module
JRN3003 Multimedia Journalism JRN3003 Module
JRN3004 Journalism Futures JRN3004 Module
MDA1300 (DBI) Film Language And Production 1 MDA1300_DBI Module
MDA1400 (DBI) Film Language And Production 2 MDA1400_DBI Module
MDA1700 (DBI) Communicating in Film: Styles and Movements MDA1700_DBI Module
MDA2100 (DBI) Screenwriting: The Short Film MDA2100_DBI Module
MDA2200 (DBI) Documentary Film MDA2200_DBI Module
MDA2400 The Filmmaker's vision: style and theory MDA2400_DBI Module
MDA2900 (DBI) Producing And Directing: Film Form And Practice MDA2900_DBI Module
MDA3200 (DBI) Film Theory MDA3200_DBI Module
MDA3300 Film: Research and Context MDA3300_DBI Module
MDA3400 Film Dissertation Project MDA3400_DBI Module
MDA4000 Film Research MDA4000 Module
MDA4001 Scripting, Producing and Directing MDA4001 Module
MDA4002 Moving Image Practice MDA4002 Module
MDA4003 Film Dissertation Project MDA4003 Module
MED0100 Exploring Media MED0100 Module
MED0200 Digital Production Intensive MED0200 Module
MED0300 Media Stories MED0300 Module
MED0400 Media Project MED0400 Module
MED1000 (AJC) Media Analysis MED1000_AJC Module
MED1000 (HEN) Media Analysis MED1000_HEN Module
MED1000 Media Analysis (DBI) MED1000_DBI Module
MED1000 Media Analysis (MRU) MED1000_MRU Module
MED1001 (AJC) Media Production MED1001_AJC Module
MED1001 (DBI) Media Production MED1001_DBI Module
MED1001 (HEN) Media Production MED1001_HEN Module
MED1001 Media Production (Dubai) MED1001 Module
MED1002 (AJC) Introduction to Media and Society MED1002_AJC Module
MED1002 (DBI) Introduction To Media and Society MED1002_DBI Module
MED1002 (HEN) Introduction To Media and Society MED1002_HEN Module
MED1040 Publishing Technologies in Context MED1040 Module
MED2000 (AJC) Research Techniques and Approaches MED2000_AJC Module
MED2000 (DBI) Research Techniques And Approaches MED2000_DBI Module
MED2000 (HEN) Research Techniques And Approaches MED2000_HEN Module
MED2000 (HKS) Research Techniques And Approaches (Hendon) MED2000 Module
MED2000 (MRU) Research Techniques And Approaches MED2000_MRU Module
MED2010 (HKS) Media And Participation MED2010 Module
MED2030 Journalism in Practice MED2030 Module
MED2040 (HKS) Publishing Books And Magazines MED2040 Module
MED2051 Visual Cultures MED2051 Module
MED2051/DME2051 Visual Cultures Home Courses 2017-18 MED2051/DME2051 Visual Cultures MOD_CLUSTER_171 Module
MED2052 Media work MED2052 Module
MED2053 (AJC) Global Journalism MED2053_AJC Module
MED2053 Global Journalism MED2053_DBI Module
MED2053 Global Journalism (Dubai) MED2053 Module
MED3000 (HKS) Independent Project MED3000 Module
MED3000 Independent Project (MRU) MED3000_MRU Module
MED3000/JRN3001/JRN3000 Independent Project MOD_CLUSTER_172 Module
MED3010 Transgressive Cultures MED3010 Module
MED3020 (AJC) Issues in promotional culture MED3020_AJC Module
MED3020 (HKS) Issues In Promotional Culture MED3020 Module
MED3030 Contemporary Journalism MED3030 Module
MED3040 (HKS) Publishing Cultures MED3040 Module
MED3052 Media Events and News Cultures (Hendon, Dubai) MED3052 Module
MED3053 (AJC) Campaigns and Social Change MED3053_AJC Module
MED3053 Campaigns and Social Change (DBI) MED3053_DBI Module
MED3053 Campaigns and Social Change (Dubai) MED3053 Module
MED3054 Culture Consumption And Identity MED3054 Module
MED3057 (HKS) International And Digital Public Relations MED3057 Module
MED4001 Media Management in Practice MED4001 Module
MED4002 Project Management and Research Skills MED4002 Module
MED4003 Audience Engagement and Data Analytics MED4003 Module
MED4004 Digital Marketing for the Creative Industries MED4004 Module
MED4005 Major Project MED4005 Module
MED4100 (DBI) Media And Creative Industries MED4100_DBI Module
MED4100 (HEN) Media And Creative Industries MED4100_HEN Module
MED4200 (DBI) Research Methods MED4200_DBI Module
MED4200 (HEN) Research Methods MED4200_HEN Module
MED4300 (DBI) Key Skills in Media Management MED4300_DBI Module
MED4300 Key Skills in Media Management MED4300_HEN Module
MED4500 Dissertation Project MED4500 Module
MED4810 Media Start-Ups MED4810 Module
MGT0005 Introduction to Business MGT0005 Module
MUS1001 Performance And Composition Projects MUS1001 Module
MUS1004 Critical Thinking in Music MUS1004 Module
MUS1030 Introduction to the Music Industries MUS1030 Module
MUS1032 Arts Marketing and Entrepreneurship MUS1032 Module
MUS1033 Music and The Arts MUS1033 Module
MUS1054 Managing Arts And Music Projects MUS1054 Module
MUS1056 Concepts In Music History MUS1056 Module
MUS1057 Introduction To The Music Industries MUS1057 Module
MUS1058 Harmony And Musicianship MUS1058 Module
MUS1059 Music Technologies And Production MUS1059 Module
MUS1060 Performance And Composition Projects MUS1060 Module
MUS1081 Stylistic Studies 1 MUS1081 Module
MUS1082 Jazz Performance 1 MUS1082 Module
MUS1083 Jazz Harmony and Theory MUS1083 Module
MUS1084 Jazz Repertoire 1 MUS1084 Module
MUS1092 History Of Popular Music MUS1092 Module
MUS1095 Popular Music Genres MUS1095 Module
MUS1096 Musicianship and Production MUS1096 Module
MUS1098 History Of Popular Music MUS1098 Module
MUS1155 Music Contracts And Copyrights MUS1155 Module
MUS1237 Introduction to Ethnomusicology MUS1237 Module
MUS2010 Songwriting, Composition and Arranging MUS2010 Module
MUS2013 Recording and Production MUS2013 Module
MUS2014 Popular Music in the 21st Century MUS2014 Module
MUS2015 Music and Culture MUS2015 Module
MUS2016 The New Business of Music MUS2016 Module
MUS2030 Music and Arts Events MUS2030 Module
MUS2032 A&R, Recording and Distribution MUS2032 Module
MUS2057 Music And Culture MUS2057 Module
MUS2058 Music Journalism MUS2058 Module
MUS2059 Interactive Technology And Sound Art MUS2059 Module
MUS2060 Collaborative Performance And Composition 1 MUS2060 Module
MUS2066 Live Music Industry MUS2066 Module
MUS2072 Music Entrepreneurism MUS2072 Module
MUS2073 Principles of Music Marketing MUS2073 Module
MUS2075 Principles Of Music Marketing MUS2075 Module
MUS2081 Stylistic Studies 2 MUS2081 Module
MUS2082 Jazz Performance 2 MUS2082 Module
MUS2083 Jazz Harmony and Theory MUS2083 Module
MUS2084 Jazz Repertoire 2 MUS2084 Module
MUS2092 Music Theory & Analysis MUS2092 Module
MUS2093 Popular Music In The 21st Century MUS2093 Module
MUS2096 Musicianship and Performance 1 MUS2096 Module
MUS2097 Recording and Production MUS2097 Module
MUS2098 Popular Music In The 21st Century MUS2098 Module
MUS2099 Songwriting 1 MUS2099 Module
MUS2810 Music Entrepreneurship MUS2810 Module
MUS3010 Advanced Composition and Songwriting MUS3010 Module
MUS3011 Advanced Jazz Improvisation MUS3011 Module
MUS3013 Production Project MUS3013 Module
MUS3014 Popular Music Studies MUS3014 Module
MUS3015 Music since the 1960s MUS3015 Module
MUS3016 Working in Music MUS3016 Module
MUS3017 Music and Sound Design for Screen and Virtual Realities MUS3017 Module
MUS3018 Music for Dance, Theatre and Live Shows MUS3018 Module
MUS3019 Negotiated Project MUS3019 Module
MUS3031 Arts Policy and Finance MUS3031 Module
MUS3033 Professional Project MUS3033 Module
MUS3055 Independent Project MUS3055 Module
MUS3057 Music in the Nineteenth Century MUS3057 Module
MUS3060 Collaborative Performance And Composition 2 MUS3060 Module
MUS3064 Composition for Film, Animation & Television MUS3064 Module
MUS3065 Music For Dance And Theatre MUS3065 Module
MUS3071 Music Contracts And Copyrights MUS3071 Module
MUS3076 Contemporary Music Studies MUS3076 Module
MUS3077 Community Music And Education MUS3077 Module
MUS3078 Critical Studies In Music Business And Arts Management MUS3078 Module
MUS3081 Stylistic Studies 3 MUS3081 Module
MUS3082 Un-American Activities MUS3082 Module
MUS3083 Advanced Jazz Improvisation MUS3083 Module
MUS3084 Jazz Major Project MUS3084 Module
MUS3092 Advanced Popular Music Studies MUS3092 Module
MUS3096 Musicianship and performance 2 MUS3096 Module
MUS3097 Recording Project MODULE MUS3097 Module
MUS3098 Popular Music Studies MUS3098 Module
MUS3099 Songwriting 2 MUS3099 Module
MUS3210 Post-Bop And Fusion MUS3210 Module
MUS3810 Applied Music Business Studies MUS3810 Module
MUS3996 Music Funding and Finance MUS3996 Module
MUS4028 Classical Music Leadership And Artistic Planning MUS4028 Module
MUS4048 Professional Practice in the Classical Music Industry MUS4048 Module
MUS4054 Cultural Events Management MUS4054 Module
MUS4058 Arts and Music Marketing and Finance MUS4058 Module
MUS4071 Arts Management MUS4071 Module
MUS4074 Classical Music Business In Practice MUS4074 Module
MUS4530 Music Policies in Practice MUS4530 Module
MUS4810 Music Start-ups MUS4810 Module
PDE4303 Strategic BIM Management PDE4303 Module
PER0100 Performing Arts Exploration PER0100 Module
PER0200 Performing Arts Practice PER0200 Module
PER0300 Cross-arts Collaborating PER0300 Module
PER0400 Writing Project PER0400 Module
PLM2001 (DBI) Media For Advertising And Marketing PLM2001_DBI Module
PLM3001 Magazine Publishing PLM3001_DBI Module
PUB1100 The Business of Publishing PUB1100 Module
PUB1200 Information Design PUB1200 Module
PUB1300 Digital Text and Contexts PUB1300 Module
PUB2100 Books and Magazines PUB2100 Module
PUB2200 Digital Culture (Hendon, Hong Kong) PUB2200 Module
PUB2300 'Self-publishing' PUB2300 Module
PUB3100 Independent Project PUB3100 Module
PUB3200 Publishing Markets PUB3200 Module
PUB3300 Transmedia Publishing PUB3300 Module
SCR4001 Dramatic Storytelling and Textual Dramaturgy SCR4001 Module
SCR4002 Writing for Stage, Screen and Audio SCR4002 Module
SCR4003 Script Practice as Research SCR4003 Module
SCR4004 Working in a Scriptwriting Industry SCR4004 Module
SCR4005 Major Project SCR4005 Module
Screenwriting for shorts CMW2013 Module
Storytelling For Games DME2005 Module
TDP1100 Shooting on Location TDP1100 Module
TDP1200 Exploring The Studio TDP1200 Module
TDP1300 Pitching And the Industry TDP1300 Module
TDP1400 Screend And Platforms TDP1400 Module
TDP2000 Producing and Directing for TV TDP2000 Module
TDP2100 Multiskilling for Studio and Digital Production TDP2100 Module
TDP2200 Drama, Documentary and Reality TV TDP2200 Module
TDP2300 Promotional Video TDP2300 Module
THE1001 Introduction to Acting and Performance THE1001 Module
THE1003 Perspectives on Theatre THE1003 Module
THE1100 Theatre Arts 1 THE1100 Module
THE1300 Introduction To Performance Practice THE1300 Module
THE1515 Making Theatre THE1515 Module
THE2025 The Performer and Director THE2025 Module
THE2035 The Solo Performer THE2035 Module
THE2100 Theatre Arts 2 THE2100 Module
THE2200 Body, Voice & Direction THE2200 Module
THE2526 Design Project THE2526 Module
THE2700 Applied Theatre THE2700 Module
THE3025 Performance: Body and Training THE3025 Module
THE3035 Solo: Stand-up Comedy / Performance Art THE3035 Module
THE3040 Directing: Practices and Philosophies THE3040 Module
THE3110 Theatre Arts 3 THE3110 Module
THE3535 Theatre Festival THE3535 Module
THE3535/THE3536 Theatre Festival MOD_CLUSTER_270 Module
THE3536 Theatre Festival (Directing) THE3536 Module
THE4001 Research Methods in the Arts: Reflecting Practices THE4001 Module
THE4002 Collaborative Project: Connecting Practices THE4002 Module
THE4110 Specialist Investigation:Exploring Practices THE4110 Module
THE4120 Professional Contexts And Placements: Managing Practices THE4120 Module
THE4200 Independent Project: Extending Practices THE4200 Module
TVP1210 Television Medium and Industry TVP1210 Module
TVP1220 Television Texts and Contexts TVP1220 Module
TVP1230 Location Filming TVP1230 Module
TVP1240 Studio Production TVP1240 Module
TVP2210 Television Research and Theory TVP2210 Module
TVP2220 Television Drama TVP2220 Module
TVP2230 Television Documentary TVP2230 Module
TVP2240 Television Entertainment TVP2240 Module
TVP2250 Client Led Video TVP2250 Module
TVP2260 Camera Lighting and Sound Technologies TVP2260 Module
TVP2270 Post Production Technologies TVP2270 Module
TVP3210 Television Today and Tomorrow TVP3210 Module
TVP3220 Career Portfolio TVP3220 Module
TVP3230 Major Project: Television Production TVP3230 Module
VFX1010 The Past, Present and Future of Visual Effects VFX1010 Module
VFX1020 Digital Image Making VFX1020 Module
VFX1030 Inside the Visual Effects Pipeline VFX1030 Module
VFX1040 Visual Effects Workshop VFX1040 Module
VFX2010 Creature Effects VFX2010 Module
VFX2020 Procedural Effects VFX2020 Module
VFX3030 Final Major Project ? Feasibility Study VFX3030 Module
Visual Cultures DME2051 Module
WBS2515 Review Of Learning BAPP (Arts) WBS2515_WBA Module
WBS3630 Professional Practitioner Inquiry BAPP (Arts) WBS3630_WBA Module

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