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CRM1111 Introduction to Policing CRM1111_SUR_CRN12203_201920 Module
CRM1111 Introduction to Policing (HAP) (OCT) CRM1111_HAP_CRN17165_202010 Module
CRM1111 Introduction to Policing (SUR) (AUG) CRM1111_SUR_CRN10213_202030 Module
CRM1111 Introduction to Policing (SUR) (JAN) CRM1111_SUR_CRN11768_201920 Module
CRM1111 Introduction to Policing (SUS) (JUN) CRM1111_SUS_CRN10197_202030 Module
CRM1111 Introduction to Policing (SUS) (MAR) CRM1111_SUS_CRN12774_202020 Module
CRM1112 Operational Policing 1 (HAP) (OCT) CRM1112_HAP_CRN17166_202010 Module
CRM1112 Operational Policing 1 (SUR) (AUG) CRM1112_SUR_CRN10214_202030 Module
CRM1112 Operational Policing 1 (SUR) (JAN) CRM1112_SUR_CRN11769_201920 Module
CRM1112 Operational Policing 1 (SUR) (MAY) CRM1112_SUR_CRN12204_201920 Module
CRM1112 Operational Policing 1 (SUS) (JUN) CRM1112_SUS_CRN10198_202030 Module
CRM1112 Operational Policing 1 (SUS) (MAR) CRM1112_SUS_CRN12775_202020 Module
CRM1112 Police Legislation 1 CRM1112 Module
CRM1113 Vulnerability 1 CRM1113 Module
CRM1113 Vulnerability 1 (HAP) (OCT) CRM1113_HAP_CRN17167_202010 Module
CRM1113 Vulnerability 1 (SUR) (AUG) CRM1113_SUR_CRN10215_202030 Module
CRM1113 Vulnerability 1 (SUR) (JAN) CRM1113_SUR_CRN11771_201920 Module
CRM1113 Vulnerability 1 (SUR) (MAY) CRM1113_SUR_CRN12206_201920 Module
CRM1113 Vulnerability 1 (SUS) (JUN) CRM1113_SUS_CRN10199_202030 Module
CRM1113 Vulnerability 1 (SUS) (MAR) CRM1113_SUS_CRN12777_202020 Module
CRM1114 Academic Study Skills CRM1114 Module
CRM1114 Studying Criminology 1 (HAP) (OCT) CRM1114_HAP_CRN17168_202010 Module
CRM1114 Studying Criminology 1 (SUR) (AUG) CRM1114_SUR_CRN15395_202110 Module
CRM1114 Studying Criminology 1 (SUR) (JAN) CRM1114_SUR_CRN11773_201920 Module
CRM1114 Studying Criminology 1 (SUR) (MAY) CRM1114_SUR_CRN12207_201920 Module
CRM1114 Studying Criminology 1 (SUS) (JUN) CRM1114_SUS_CRN10201_202030 Module
CRM1114 Studying Criminology 1 (SUS) (MAR) CRM1114_SUS_CRN12779_202020 Module
CRM1115 Reflective Practice-Based Learning (HAP) (OCT) CRM1115_HAP_CRN17169_202010 Module
CRM1115 Reflective Practice-Based Learning (SUR) (AUG) CRM1115_SUR_CRN10216_202030 Module
CRM1115 Reflective Practice-Based Learning (SUR) (JAN) CRM1115_SUR_CRN11772_201920 Module
CRM1115 Reflective Practice-Based Learning (SUR) (MAY) CRM1115_SUR_CRN12208_201920 Module
CRM1115 Reflective Practice-Based Learning (SUS) (JUN) CRM1115_SUS_CRN10200_202030 Module
CRM1115 Reflective Practice-Based Learning (SUS) (MAR) CRM1115_SUS_CRN12778_202020 Module
CRM1116 Community Policing 1 (HAP) (OCT) CRM1116_HAP_CRN12146_202020 Module
CRM1116 Community Policing 1 (SUR) (AUG) CRM1116_SUR_CRN15394_202110 Module
CRM1116 Community Policing 1 (SUR) (JAN) CRM1116_SUR_CRN11770_201920 Module
CRM1116 Community Policing 1 (SUR) (MAY) CRM1116_SUR_CRN12212_201920 Module
CRM1116 Community Policing 1 (SUS) (JUN) CRM1116_SUS_CRN12735_202110 Module
CRM1116 Community Policing 1 (SUS) (MAR) CRM1116_SUS_CRN12776_202020 Module
CRM1116 Information and Intelligence CRM1116 Module
CRM1270 Crime in Social Context CRM1270 Module
CRM1271 Skills and Debates in Criminology CRM1271 Module
CRM1272 Explaining Crime CRM1272 Module
CRM1273 Researching Crime in the City CRM1273 Module
CRM1274 Crime, Media and Culture CRM1274 Module
CRM1275 Institutions of Criminal Justice CRM1275 Module
CRM1276 Law for Criminology CRM1276 Module
CRM1277 Quantitative Investigation of Crime CRM1277 Module
CRM1400 Crime And Control In Social Context CRM1400 Module
CRM1410 Explaining Crime CRM1410 Module
CRM1420 Skills And Methods In Criminology And Sociology CRM1420 Module
CRM1600 Introduction to Criminal Legal Processes CRM1600 Module
CRM2111 Policing (HAP) (OCT) CRM2111_HAP_CRN19177_202110 Module
CRM2111 Policing (SUR) (JAN) CRM2111_SUR_CRN12307_202020 Module
CRM2111 Policing (SUR) (JAN) CRM2111 Module
CRM2111 Policing (SUR) (MAY) CRM2111_SUR_CRN10117_202030 Module
CRM2112 Operational Policing 2 (HAP) (OCT) CRM2112_HAP_CRN12777_202120 Module
CRM2112 Operational Policing 2 (SUR) (JAN) CRM2112_SUR_CRN12308_202020 Module
CRM2112 Operational Policing 2 (SUR) (MAY) CRM2112_SUR_CRN12701_202110 Module
CRM2113 Vulnerability 2 (HAP) (OCT) CRM2113_HAP_CRN12778_202120 Module
CRM2113 Vulnerability 2 (SUR) (JAN) CRM2113_SUR_CRN12309_202020 Module
CRM2113 Vulnerability 2 (SUR) (MAY) CRM2113_SUR_CRN12702_202110 Module
CRM2114 Studying Criminology 2 (HAP) (OCT) CRM2114_HAP_CRN12779_202120 Module
CRM2114 Studying Criminology 2 (SUR) (JAN) CRM2114_SUR_CRN10105_202030 Module
CRM2114 Studying Criminology 2 (SUR) (MAY) CRM2114_SUR_CRN12703_202110 Module
CRM2115 Reflective Practice-Based Learning 2 (HAP) (OCT) CRM2115_HAP_CRN19178_202110 Module
CRM2115 Reflective Practice-Based Learning 2 (SUR) (JAN) CRM2115_SUR_CRN17601_202010 Module
CRM2115 Reflective Practice-Based Learning 2 (SUR) (MAY) CRM2115_SUR_CRN12812_202020 Module
CRM2116 Community Policing 2 (HAP) (OCT) CRM2116_HAP_CRN19179_202110 Module
CRM2116 Community Policing 2 (SUR) (JAN) CRM2116_SUR_CRN17602_202010 Module
CRM2116 Community Policing 2 (SUR) (MAY) CRM2116_SUR_CRN12813_202020 Module
CRM2270 Contemporary Criminological Theory CRM2270 Module
CRM2271 Transforming Justice: Human Rights and Power in Contemporary Crim Pol and Prac CRM2271 Module
CRM2272: Criminology and Practice: Working in Criminology CRM2272 Module
CRM2273 Policing CRM2273 Module
CRM2274 Prisons and Penology CRM2274 Module
CRM2275 Criminal Law and Legal Processes CRM2275 Module
CRM2277 Victimology CRM2277 Module
CRM2278 Gender and Crime CRM2278 Module
CRM2279 Youth Crime and Justice CRM2279 Module
CRM2281 Law Enforcement: Partnerships, Agencies and Communities CRM2281 Module
CRM2500 Criminology In Late Modernity CRM2500 Module
CRM2510 Urban Criminology CRM2510 Module
CRM2520 Policing CRM2520 Module
CRM2530 Criminal Courts And Prisons CRM2530 Module
CRM2540 Institutions Of Criminal Justice CRM2540 Module
CRM2550 Youth Crime And Youth Justice CRM2550 Module
CRM3111 Coaching and Mentoring CRM3111 Module
CRM3112 Specialism Response Policing CRM3112 Module
CRM3113 Specialism Roads Policing CRM3113 Module
CRM3114 Specialism Information and Intelligence CRM3114 Module
CRM3115 Community Policing CRM3115 Module
CRM3116 Specialism Investigation CRM3116 Module
CRM3117 Professional Policing Competence (End Point Assessment Part 1) CRM3117 Module
CRM3118 Professional Policing Practice Project (End Point Assessment Part 2) CRM3118 Module
CRM3222 Review of Professional Practice CRM3222 Module
CRM3301 Cybercrime CRM3301 Module
CRM3333 Work Based Project CRM3333 Module
CRM3500 Violent Crime CRM3500 Module
CRM3501 Organised & White Collar Crime CRM3501 Module
CRM3502 Forensic Mental Health And Offending CRM3502 Module
CRM3520 Drugs, Crime And Criminal Justice CRM3520 Module
CRM3530 Children As Victims And Offenders CRM3530 Module
CRM3540 Gangs And Group Offending CRM3540 Module
CRM3550 Justice, Punishment And Human Rights CRM3550 Module
CRM3550/CRM3551 Justice, Punishment and Human Rights MOD_CLUSTER_156 Module
CRM3560 Homicide And Serious Crime Investigation CRM3560 Module
CRM3580 Dissertation CRM3580 Module
CRM3590 Special Constabulary CRM3590 Module
CRM3600 Special Constabulary and Cadet Leadership, CRM3600 Module
CRM3610 Policing: Law, Policy and Practice CRM3610_SUS_CRN12269_201920 Module
CRM3610 Policing: Law, Policy and Practice (HAP) (APR) CRM3610_HAP_CRN12771_202020 Module
CRM3610 Policing: Law, Policy and Practice (SUR) (AUG) CRM3610_SUR_CRN10210_202030 Module
CRM3610 Policing: Law, Policy and Practice (SUS) (JUN) CRM3610_SUS_CRN10202_202030 Module
CRM3611 Policing in Context CRM3611_SUS_CRN12270_201920 Module
CRM3611 Policing in Context (HAP) (APR) CRM3611_HAP_CRN12772_202020 Module
CRM3611 Policing in Context (SUR) (AUG) CRM3611_SUR_CRN10211_202030 Module
CRM3611 Policing in Context (SUS) (JUN) CRM3611_SUS_CRN10203_202030 Module
CRM3612 Communities, Intelligence and Information CRM3612_SUS_CRN12271_201920 Module
CRM3612 Communities, Intelligence and Information (HAP) (APR) CRM3612_HAP_CRN12773_202020 Module
CRM3612 Communities, Intelligence and Information (SUR) (AUG) CRM3612_SUR_CRN10212_202030 Module
CRM3612 Communities, Intelligence and Information (SUS) (JUN) CRM3612_SUS_CRN10204_202030 Module
CRM3613 Ethics and the Policing Professional CRM3613_SUS_CRN12827_202020 Module
CRM3614 Advanced Policing Skills (SUS) (JUN) CRM3614_SUS_CRN12706_202110 Module
CRM3615 Policing in Practice: Response Policing (SUS) (JUN) CRM3615_SUS_CRN10941_202120 Module
CRM3616 Policing in Practice: Community Policing (SUS) (JUN) CRM3616_SUS_CRN10942_202120 Module
CRM3617 Policing in Practice: Roads Policing (SUS) (JUN) CRM3617_SUS_CRN10943_202120 Module
CRM3618 Policing in Practice: Information and Intelligence (SUS) (JUN) CRM3618_SUS_CRN10944_202120 Module
CRM3619 Policing in Practice: Investigation (SUS) (JUN) CRM3619_SUS_CRN10945_202120 Module
CRM4017 Psychological Perspectives of Criminology CRM4017 Module
CRM4201 Contemporary Theory And Research In Criminology CRM4201 Module
CRM4202 Investigative And Forensic Psychology CRM4202 Module
CRM4203 Psychological Interventions And Responses To Offending CRM4203 Module
CRM4204 Critical Issues In Criminal Justice CRM4204 Module
CRM4205 Community Safety And Public Protection CRM4205 Module
CRM4206 Applying Criminological Research In Policy And Practice CRM4206 Module
CRM4209 Interpersonal Violence And Hate Crime CRM4209 Module
CRM4221 Human Rights And Contemporary Justice CRM4221 Module
CRM4223 Cybercrime And Society CRM4223 Module
CRM4225 Regulatory Practices And Policing Cybercrime CRM4225 Module
CRM4229 Youth Offending, Disorder And Gangs CRM4229 Module
CRM4245 Cyber Awareness Project CRM4245 Module
CRM4251 Global Criminology And Policing CRM4251 Module
CRM4252 Political Violence And Terrorism CRM4252 Module
CRM4501 Substance Use and Addiction Theories CRM4501 Module
CRM4570 Environmental Crime And Green Criminology CRM4570 Module
CRM4607/CRM4500 Drugs & Crime MOD_CLUSTER_220 Module
CRM4700 Theory and Research in Criminology CRM4700 Module
CRM4710 Applied Criminology: Theory and Research CRM4710 Module
CRM4722 Criminal Justice Courts and Prisons CRM4722 Module
CRM4730 Global Criminology CRM4730 Module
CRM4740 Drugs, Crime and Criminology (DL) CRM4740 Module
CRM4750 Crime, Conflict and Control CRM4750 Module
CRM4760 Youth Offending And Disorder CRM4760 Module
CRM4770 Community Safety and Public Protection CRM4770 Module
CRM4780/CRM4790/CRM4785 Dissertation In Criminology CRM4780-CRM4790-CRM4795 Module
CRM4800 Researching Cybercrime With Legal Methods CRM4800 Module
CRM4810 Researching Cybercrime CRM4810 Module
DEV1001 / DEV1002 / DEV1003 The Construction Of The Third World MOD_CLUSTER_123 Module
DEV1001 The Construction Of The Third World DEV1001_DBI Module
LAW0600 World Literature For Social Sciences And The Law LAW0600 Module
LAW0700 Literature For Social Sciences And The Law LAW0700 Module
LAW1101 Introduction to Law and Legal Skills (Hendon, Dubai) LAW1101 Module
LAW1102 English Legal System (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) LAW1102 Module
LAW1104 Legal Method (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) LAW1104 Module
LAW1106 Public Law MOD_CLUSTER_54 Module
LAW1108 Contract Law (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) LAW1108 Module
LAW1115 Practice Based Learning LAW1115 Module
Law2050 Consumers and the Law LAW2050 Module
LAW2101 Criminal Law ( Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) LAW2101 Module
LAW2101/LAW3202 Criminal Law MOD_CLUSTER_255 Module
LAW2105 Tort (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) LAW2105 Module
LAW2110 EU Law (Hendon, Mauritius, Dubai) LAW2110 Module
LAW2114 /LAW2050 Consumers And The Law (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) LAW2114 Module
LAW2130 Business Law (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) LAW2130 Module
LAW2224 LAW2334 Jurisprudence (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) LAW2224 Module
LAW2416 Criminal and Civil Liability (Hendon, Dubai) LAW2416 Module
LAW2420 Equality And The Law (Hendon, Dubai) LAW2420 Module
LAW2461 Human Rights MOD_CLUSTER_53 Module
LAW2464 /LAW2465/LAW2461 Human Rights Law (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) LAW2464 Module
LAW2464/LAW2465 UK and European Human Rights Law LAW2465 Module
LAW2914 EU Internal Market Law (Hendon, Dubai) LAW2914 Module
LAW2915 English And International Commercial Law LAW2915 Module
LAW2915/LAW2951 English and International Commercial Law MOD_CLUSTER_277 Module
LAW3101 Land Law (Hendon, Mauritius, Dubai) LAW3101 Module
LAW3102/LAW3109 UK Company Law(Hendon,Dubai,Mauritius MOD_CLUSTER_135 Module
LAW3103 Equity And Trusts (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) LAW3103 Module
LAW3114 Medical Law MOD_CLUSTER_56 Module
LAW3116 Child and Family Law MOD_CLUSTER_57 Module
LAW3119/LAW3191 Intellectual Property and Media Law (Dubai) MOD_CLUSTER_58 Module
LAW3181 Public International Law MOD_CLUSTER_59 Module
LAW3330 Integrated Learning And Work Placement (Hendon, Dubai) LAW3330 Module
LAW3407 /LAW3408 Employment Law (Hendon, Dubai) LAW3407 Module
LAW3407/3408 Employment Law LAW3408 Module
LAW3407/LAW3408 Employment Law MOD_CLUSTER_60 Module
Law3422 Immigration, Nationality & Asylum Law MOD_CLUSTER_61 Module
LAW3428 Evidence MOD_CLUSTER_62 Module
LAW3455 Project MODULE (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) LAW3455 Module
LAW3530 Work Based Internship LAW3530 Module
LAW3540 Advanced Mooting And Advocacy (Hendon, Mauritius) LAW3540 Module
LAW3565 Project LAW3565 Module
LAW3914 Advanced Issues of European Law and Politics LAW3914 Module
LAW3915 Global Trade Law LAW3915 Module
LAW3916 International Human Rights Law LAW3916 Module
LAW4641 Practicum In International Organisations LAW4641 Module
LEX4045 Recruitment and Termination Law LEX4045 Module
LEX4141 International Competition Law LEX4141 Module
LEX4155 Intellectual Property and Media Law LEX4155 Module
LEX4175 Discrimination and the Law LEX4175 Module
LEX4519 International Commercial Litigation And Arbitration LEX4519 Module
LEX4701 Legal Research Skills (Hendon, Mauritius) LEX4701 Module
LEX4702 Individual Employment Law LEX4702 Module
LEX4703 UK And European Anti-Discrimination Law LEX4703 Module
LEX4704 Foundations And Principles Of International Law (Hendon, Mauritius) LEX4704 Module
LEX4705 Minority Rights And Indigenous Peoples in International Law LEX4705 Module
LEX4706 English Commercial Law (Hendon, Mauritius) LEX4706 Module
LEX4707 Law Of The International Sale Of Goods (Hendon, Mauritius) LEX4707 Module
LEX4708 Law And Policy Of The World Trade Organization LEX4708 Module
LEX4709 European Human Rights Law And Practice LEX4709 Module
LEX4710 Contemporary Issues Of EU Law And Governance LEX4710 Module
LEX4714 International Organisations And International Dispute Resolution LEX4714 Module
LEX4716 International Human Rights Law LEX4716 Module
LEX4719 International Migration And The Law LEX4719 Module
LEX4720 International Commercial Litigation And Arbitration LEX4720 Module
LEX4722 Comparative Corporate Governance LEX4722 Module
LEX4723 Business And Human Rights LEX4723 Module
LEX4726 Intellectual Property Law LEX4726 Module
LWO4001 Globalisation, Development And Management Ethics LWO4001 Module
LWO4002 Climate Change And Working Life LWO4002 Module
LWO4003 The Role Of Civil Society Organisations In Developing Economies LWO4003 Module
LWO4004 Labour Strategies Under Neoliberalism LWO4004 Module
POI 4114 The Politics of Globalisation (DBI) POI4114_DBI Module
POI1001 (HEN) Introduction to Politics POI1001_HEN Module
POI1001 Introduction To Politics POI1001_DBI Module
POI1001 Introduction To Politics (Dubai) POI1001 Module
POI1010 (DBI) Introduction to Development POI1010_DBI Module
POI1010 Introduction To Development POI1010_HEN Module
POI1010/POI1200 Introduction to Development MOD_CLUSTER_153 Module
POI1100 Global Politics And Governance (Hendon, Dubai) POI1100 Module
POI1301 Global Political Thought POI1301 Module
POI1302 Politics of Sustainability and Development POI1302 Module
POI1303 Global Governance, Regulation and Law POI1303 Module
POI1304 Understanding Political Economy POI1304 Module
POI1511(DBI) Social Science in the Contemporary World POI1511_DBI Module
POI1511(HEN) Social Science In The Contemporary World POI1511_HEN Module
POI2001 Theories Of International Relations (DBI) POI2001_DBI Module
POI2001 Theories of International Relations (MRUI) POI2001_MRU Module
POI2001/POI2351/POI2352 Theories of International Relations MOD_CLUSTER_154 Module
POI2100 Global Political Economy POI2100 Module
POI2111 Approaches To Research Social Science (Hendon, Dubai) POI2111 Module
POI2201 (DBI) Comparative Politics POI2201_DBI Module
POI2201 Comparative Politics (Dubai) POI2201 Module
POI2301 Comparative Political System POI2301 Module
POI2302 Political Systems in Comparison POI2302 Module
POI2354 Politics Of Europe POI2354 Module
POI2355 (HEN) Pan-European Politics POI2355 Module
POI2360 (HEN) Politics of the European Union POI2360 Module
POI3001 Development Policy Seminars POI3001 Module
POI3015 Humanitarianism And Global Change POI3015 Module
POI3330 Dissertation POI3330 Module
POI3353 (DBI) Globalism : An Introduction To International Political Economy POI3353_DBI Module
POI3353 (HEN)/POI3605/POI3606 Globalism: An Introduction to International Political Economy MOD_CLUSTER_126 Module
POI3353 Globalism : An Introduction To International Political Economy POI3353_HEN Module
POI3608 Global Geopolitics: Critical Perspectives And Issues (Hendon, Dubai) POI3608 Module
POI4110 Globalisation (DBI) POI4110_DBI Module
POI4112 Global Security (DBI) MOD_CLUSTER_144 Module
POI4113/POI4120 Foreign Policy Analysis: Geopolitical Perspectives MOD_CLUSTER_158 Module
POI4120 (DBI) Principles And Practice Of International Politics POI4120_DBI Module
POI4190 (DBI) International Relations Research Skills And Dissertation (DUBAI) POI4190_DBI Module
Postgraduate Criminology Dissertations MOD_CLUSTER_16 Module
PRS4499 Research Methods and MSc Project PRS4499 Module
PSY2007 Social, Personality and Developmental Psychology PSY2007 Module
Research Methods and Strategies in Criminology and Psychology CRM4207 Module
SOC1270 Deconstructing Sociology: Race and Racism SOC1270 Module
SOC1271 Finding Your Voice: Communication and Academic Skills for Sociologists SOC1271 Module
SOC1272 Sociology: The Big Ideas SOC1272 Module
SOC1273 Exploring Inequality Qualitatively SOC1273 Module
SOC1274 Sociological Selves: The Personal and The Social SOC1274 Module
SOC1275 Sociology in Action SOC1275 Module
SOC1276 Everyday Sociology: Contemporary Ideas and Debates SOC1276 Module
SOC1277 Measuring Social Inequalities SOC1277 Module
SOC1400 Understanding Contemporary Society: Issues And Debates SOC1400 Module
SOC1410 Thinking Sociologically SOC1410 Module
SOC1420 Skills and Methods SOC1420 Module
SOC1430 Doing Things Together SOC1430 Module
SOC2010 Social Policy and Contemporary Issues SOC2010 Module
SOC2270 Research Methods for Studying Contemporary Society SOC2270 Module
SOC2271 Sociological Theory SOC2271 Module
SOC2272 Sociology and Social Change SOC2272 Module
SOC2273 Sociology of Intimate and Personal Lives: Family, Friendship And Self SOC2273 Module
SOC2274 Religion, Self and Society SOC2274 Module
SOC2275 Digital Media and the Social World SOC2275 Module
SOC2276 Race and Social Justice SOC2276 Module
SOC2500 Approaches To Research In The Social Sciences SOC2500 Module
SOC2510 Contemporary Social Theory SOC2510 Module
SOC2520 A Sociology of Popular Culture SOC2520 Module
SOC2530 State, Society And Globalisation SOC2530 Module
SOC3580 Migration And Citizenship (Hendon, Dubai) SOC3580 Module
SOC3640 Radicalisation and Terrorism: Issues and Responses SOC3640 Module
SOC3700 Media, Communication, Society SOC3700 Module
SOC3700/SOC3771 Media, Communication, Society MOD_CLUSTER_149 Module
SOC3701 Violence And Society SOC3701 Module
SOC3703 Social Movements, Conflict And Change SOC3703 Module
SOC3711 Demography And Ageing Society SOC3711 Module
SOC3720 Diversity And Its Discontents SOC3720 Module
SOC3740 Gender, Sexuality And Society SOC3740 Module
SOC3750 Diasporas SOC3750 Module
SOC3760 Sociology Dissertation SOC3760 Module
SOC3780 The Family In Islam And Muslim Societies SOC3780 Module
SOC4952 Digital Research SOC4952 Module
SOC4953 Qualitative Analysis With NVivo 10 SOC4953 Module
SOC4954 Social Science Statistics With SPSS SOC4954 Module
SPL1608 (DBI) Citizenship And Contemporary Society SPL1608_DBI Module
SPL3510 Social Inclusion (Dubai 14/15) SPL3510 Module
SSC4021 Migration Theories and Approaches (Dubai) SSC4021_DBI Module
SSC4031 Integrated Work And Learning SSC4031 Module
SSC4602 Research and Practice Skills (Dubai) SSC4602_DBI Module
SSC4602 Research And Practice Skills (HEN) SSC4602_HEN Module
SSC4603 (DBI) Sustainable Development and Human Rights SSC4603_DBI Module
SSC4603 (HEN) Sustainable Development and Human Rights SSC4603_HEN Module
SSC4604 Global Governance For Sustainable Development (Hendon, Dubai) SSC4604 Module
SSC4606 Environmental Law And Governance SSC4606 Module
SSC4606/PRS4530 Environmental Law and Governance MOD_CLUSTER_174 Module
SSC4994 Dissertation SSC4994 Module

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