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Administration Of Medicines CPD_HE_10 Module
Best Interest Assessor IPL4440 Module
CMH3214 TCM Clinical Medicine CMH3214 Module
CMH3330 Dissertation CMH3330 Module
CMH4111 Advanced Classical Texts CMH4111 Module
CMH4112 Professional Practice CMH4112 Module
CMH4441 Principles Of Complementary Health Sciences - Herbal Medicine CMH4441 Module
CMH4442 Professional Development And Research CMH4442 Module
CMH4444 Clinical Diagnostics CMH4444 Module
CMH4445 Human Sciences CMH4445 Module
CYP1802 Foundations of Scientific Principles for CYP Nursing CYP1802 Module
CYP1803 Foundations of CYP Nursing Knowledge CYP1803 Module
CYP1804 Practice Learning 1 CYP CYP1804 Module
CYP2801 Developing Professional Nursing Practice in CYP Nursing CYP2801 Module
CYP2802 Developing Scientific Principles for CYP Nursing CYP2802 Module
CYP2802/NIP2802/MHN2802 Scientific Principles Yr 2 MOD_CLUSTER_251 Module
CYP2803 Developing Nursing Knowledge in CYP Nursing CYP2803 Module
CYP2804 Practice Learning 2 CYP CYP2804 Module
Developing Effective Coaching and Mentoring PDT4015_DBI Module
EDG3001 SCHOOL-Based Professional Development EDG3001 Module
EDG3002 Professional Knowledge and Skills for Early Years Teaching EDG3002 Module
EDG4001 SCHOOL-Based Enquiry EDG4001 Module
EDG4002 Assessment and Monitoring EDG4002 Module
EDG4003 Early Years Practice-Based Enquiry EDG4003 Module
EDG4004 Early Years Pedagogy and Wider Professional Practice EDG4004 Module
EDP1120 English For Primary Teaching EDP1120 Module
EDP1121 Mathematics for Primary Teaching EDP1121 Module
EDP1122 Science for Primary Teaching EDP1122 Module
EDP1124 Art and Design EDP1124 Module
EDP1127 Introduction to Humanities Education EDP1127 Module
EDP1210 English Classroom Application 1 EDP1210 Module
EDP1211 Mathematics Classroom Application 1 EDP1211 Module
EDP1212 Science Classroom Application 1 EDP1212 Module
EDP1213 Introduction to Computing and Technology EDP1213 Module
EDP1215 Physical Education 1 EDP1215 Module
EDP1216 Professional Studies for SCHOOL Based Training 1 and SCHOOL Based Training 1 EDP1216 Module
EDP1601 The Core Curriculum: Subject Knowledge Development EDP1601 Module
EDP1602 Discovering the Humanities EDP1602 Module
EDP1603 Creativity and the Arts EDP1603 Module
EDP1604 English in the Primary Curriculum EDP1604 Module
EDP1605 Mathematics in the Primary Classroom EDP1605 Module
EDP1606 Science and Design Technology in the Primary Curriculum EDP1606 Module
EDP1607 Computing in the Primary Curriculum EDP1607 Module
EDP1608 Physical Education EDP1608 Module
EDP1609 Primary Professional Practice One EDP1609 Module
EDP2120 - English Classroom Application 2 EDP2120 Module
EDP2121 Mathematics Classroom Application 2 EDP2121 Module
EDP2122 Science - Classroom Application 2 EDP2122 Module
EDP2125 Physical Education 2 EDP2125 Module
EDP2126 Professional Studies For SCHOOL Based Training 2 And SCHOOL Based Training 2 EDP2126 Module
EDP2212 Religious Education EDP2212 Module
EDP2215 Interdisciplinary Studies EDP2215 Module
EDP2216 Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (SEND) EDP2216 Module
EDP2601 English: Creative Literacy EDP2601 Module
EDP2602 Mathematics Through Stories EDP2602 Module
EDP2603 Investigating Science EDP2603 Module
EDP2604 Physical Education: Health and Well-being EDP2604 Module
EDP2605 Primary Professional Development Two (School-based) EDP2605 Module
EDP2606 Religion and Worldviews EDP2606 Module
EDP2607 Inclusive Practices for Children with SEND EDP2607 Module
EDP2608 Cross Curricular Studies EDP2608 Module
EDP3000 Primary Professional Development One EDP3000 Module
EDP3001 Primary Professional Development Two EDP3001 Module
EDP3111 (Early Years) Professional Studies for SCHOOL Based Training 1 and SCHOOL Based Training 1 EDP3111 Module
EDP3112 (Early Years) Professional Studies for SCHOOL Based Training 2 and SCHOOL Based Training 2 EDP3112 Module
EDP3113 (Primary) Professional Studies For SCHOOL Based Training 1 And SCHOOL Based Training 1 EDP3113 Module
EDP3119 (Primary) Professional Studies For SCHOOL Based Training 2 And SCHOOL Based Training 2 EDP3119 Module
EDP3119* (Early Years) Professional Studies For SCHOOL Based Training 2 And SCHOOL Based Training 2 EDP3119-EY Module
EDP3221 Developing Using And Applying In Mathematics EDP3221 Module
EDP3601 Primary Professional Development Three EDP3601 Module
EDP3602 Core Curriculum Two EDP3602 Module
EDP3603 Inclusive Practices Beyond the Classroom EDP3603 Module
EDP3604 Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching EDP3604 Module
EDP4000 Learning and Teaching: A Broad and Balanced Curriculum EDP4000 Module
EDP4001 Across the Curriculum, Beyond the Classroom EDP4001 Module
EDP4127 Learning And Teaching EDP4127 Module
EDP4128 Interdisciplinary Learning EDP4128 Module
EDP4129 Teaching And Learning EDP4129 Module
EDP4130 Creativity In The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) EDP4130 Module
EDS1101 How Pupils Learn and Develop EDS1101 Module
EDS3111 SCHOOL Experience 1 EDS3111 Module
EDS3112 SCHOOL Experience 2 EDS3112 Module
EDS3211 Secondary Professional Development 1 EDS3211 Module
EDS3212 Secondary Professional Practice Two EDS3212 Module
EDS4200 Subject Pedagogy EDS4200 Module
EDS4201 Business Education EDS4201 Module
EDS4202 Citizenship Education EDS4202 Module
EDS4203 Computer Science with ICT EDS4203 Module
EDS4206 Geography Education EDS4206 Module
EDS4208 Modern Languages Education EDS4208 Module
EDS4209 Music Education EDS4209 Module
EDS4210 Physics with Maths Education EDS4210 Module
EDS4211/2/3 Science Education MOD_CLUSTER_5 Module
EDS4300 Professional Knowledge and Pedagogy EDS4300 Module
EDS4302 Drama with English EDS4302 Module
EDS4303 English Education EDS4303 Module
EDS4304/EDS4305 Geography/History with Humanities Education MOD_CLUSTER_233 Module
EDS4306 Mathematics Education EDS4306 Module
EDS4308/EDS4309/EDS4310 Science Education MOD_CLUSTER_234 Module
EDU1007 Curriculum Studies 1 EDU1007 Module
EDU1008 Education Policy and Practice EDU1008 Module
EDU1009 How Pupils Learn and Develop EDU1009 Module
EDU1010 Inclusive Practice EDU1010 Module
EDU1201 (DBI) Education Policy: Historical And Contemporary Perspectives (Dubai 15/16) EDU1201 Module
EDU1201 Education Policy: Historical And Contemporary Perspectives EDU1201_DBI Module
EDU1202 Approaches To Learning EDU1202_DBI Module
EDU1202 Approaches to Learning EDU1202 Module
EDU1203 Early Childhood Development (Hendon, Dubai) EDU1203 Module
EDU1204 Reflective, Professional Practice in Early Years EDU1204_DBI Module
EDU1204 Reflective, Professional Practice in Early Years (Hendon, Dubai) EDU1204 Module
EDU1205 Philosophy Of Education EDU1205 Module
EDU1206 Infant Health and Well-Being (Hendon, Dubai) EDU1206 Module
EDU1301 Education Policy: Historical And Contemporary Perspectives EDU1301_DBI Module
EDU1302 Psychological Approaches To Learning (Dubai) EDU1302_DBI Module
EDU1303 An Introduction To Early Childhood Studies And Development EDU1303_DBI Module
EDU1304 Professional Studies EDU1304_DBI Module
EDU2007 Behaviour Management EDU2007 Module
EDU2008 Curriculum Studies 2 EDU2008 Module
EDU2009 Professional Studies EDU2009 Module
EDU2010 Special Educational Needs and Disabilities EDU2010 Module
EDU2201 (DBI) Researching Lives: Social Investigation in the Contemporary World EDU2201_DBI Module
EDU2201 Researching Lives: Social Investigation In The Contemporary World (Dubai) EDU2201 Module
EDU2205 Equality, Diversity And Inclusion EDU2205 Module
EDU2206 Social Perspectives On Childhood And Education For Early Years (Dubai) EDU2206 Module
EDU2210 Leadership and Professional Practice in Educational Contexts EDU2210 Module
EDU2301(DBI) Working And Researching In Organisations EDU2301_DBI Module
EDU2303 (DBI) Comparative Education EDU2303_DBI Module
EDU2303 Comparative Education EDU2303_HEN Module
EDU2304 Curriculum Studies KS2 And KS3 EDU2304 Module
EDU2305 (DBI) Education and Equality EDU2305_DBI Module
EDU2307 (DBI) Curriculum Studies EDU2307_DBI Module
EDU2307 (HEN) Curriculum Studies EDU2307_HEN Module
EDU2308 Education and the Social World: Who is Educating Whom, How and Why? EDU2308 Module
EDU2309 Insights Into Play And Pedagogy EDU2309 Module
EDU2314 (DBI) Curriculum Studies: Primary Education EDU2314_DBI Module
EDU2314 Curriculum Studies: Primary Education EDU2314 Module
EDU3007 Contemporary Issues in Learning and Teaching EDU3007 Module
EDU3008 Learning and teaching Project EDU3008 Module
EDU3009 Professional Practice in Learning and Teaching EDU3009 Module
EDU3010 Research Methods in Education EDU3010 Module
EDU3202 Special Educational Need, Disability and Inclusion (Hendon, Dubai) EDU3202 Module
EDU3205 Leadership And Management In Early Years Settings (Hendon, Dubai) EDU3205 Module
EDU3208 Being Young: Issues And Perspectives In Youth Studies EDU3208 Module
EDU3211 (DBI) Creativity and the Arts in Education EDU3211_DBI Module
EDU3211 Creativity And The Arts In Education EDU3211 Module
EDU3292 Dissertation MODULE For Early Childhood Studies EDU3292 Module
EDU3292/EDU3294 Dissertation Module MOD_CLUSTER_138 Module
EDU3292/EDU3294 Dissertation Module EDU3292_EDU3294 Module
EDU3294 Dissertation MODULE For Education Studies EDU3294 Module
EDU3304 (DBI) Children's Literature EDU3304_DBI Module
EDU3304 Children's Literature (Hendon, Dubai) EDU3304 Module
EDU3307 Social And Emotional Aspects Of Teaching And Learning EDU3307 Module
EDU3310 Children's Rights, Law, Policy And Practice EDU3310 Module
EDU3312 The Digital Child: Childhood in the contemporary media landscape EDU3312 Module
EDU6001 Interrogating Policy and Practice for Social Justice EDU6001 Module
EDU6002 Dangerous Ideas EDU6002 Module
EDU6006 Researching childrens and young peoples lives EDU6006 Module
Inter-Professional Learning SCH_HE_37 Module
IPL3036/4036: Safeguarding children: learning from interprofessional practice MOD_CLUSTER_23 Module
IPL3037 / 4037 Safeguarding and supporting adults MOD_CLUSTER_43 Module
IPL3100/4100: Leadership For Public And Community Services MOD_CLUSTER_96 Module
IPL4001 Social Research Methods IPL4001 Module
IPL4050 Developing Research Capability IPL4050 Module
IPL4095 MSc Dissertation IPL4095 Module
IPL4110 Professional Supervision For Public And Community Services IPL4110 Module
IPL4120 Exploring Evidence-Based Parenting Programmes IPL4120 Module
IPL4121 Building And Leading EBPP Teams - Supervision And Leadership In Practice IPL4121 Module
IPL4200 Service Development And Quality Improvement For Public And Community Services IPL4200 Module
Learning Conversations, Mentoring And Coaching PDT4308 Module
LED4001 (DIS) LED4001_DIS Module
LED4001 (HEN) LED4001_HEN Module
LED4001(DBI) LED4001_DBI Module
LED4001(MRU) LED4001_MRU Module
LED4002 (DBI) Supporting Learning in Higher Education LED4002_DBI Module
LED4002 (DIS) Supporting Learning in Higher Education LED4002_DIS Module
LED4002 (MRU) Supporting Learning in Higher Education LED4002_MRU Module
LED4002 DE and Hendon Supporting Learning in Higher Education LED4002_HEN Module
LED4003 (Dubai) LED4003_DBI Module
LED4003 DE LED4003_DIS Module
LED4003_HEN LED4003_HEN Module
LED4010 (DBI) Philosophy and Policy of Higher Education LED4010_DBI Module
LED4010 (DIS) Philosophy and Policy of Higher Education LED4010_DIS Module
LED4010 (HEN) Philosophy and Policy of Higher Education LED4010_HEN Module
LED4011 Pedagogy in Higher Education And Teaching In Higher Education LED4011_HEN Module
LED4011 Pedagogy in Higher Education And Teaching In Higher Education LED4011_DIS Module
LED4012 (HEN) Psychology of Learning in Higher Education LED4012_HEN Module
LED4013 (DBI) Pedagogy and Practice in Higher Education LED4013_DBI Module
LED4013 (DIS) Pedagogy and Practice in Higher Education LED4013_DIS Module
LED4013 (HEN) Pedagogy and Practice in Higher Education LED4013_HEN Module
LED4013 (MRU) Pedagogy and Practice in Higher Education LED4013_MRU Module
LED4015 Learning Technologies in Higher Education LED4015 Module
LED4016 Academic Literacy, Language and Writing in Higher Education LED4016 Module
LED4018 Globalisation Issues In Higher Education LED4018 Module
LED4019 Peer and Team Coaching in Higher Education LED4019 Module
LED4020 Advanced research methods LED4020 Module
MBT1705 Introduction to Digital Selling MBT1705 Module
MHN1000: Practice Learning 1 Mental Health Nursing MHN1000 Module
MHN1802 Foundations of Scientific Principles for Mental Health Nursing MHN1802 Module
MHN1803 Foundations of Mental Health Nursing Knowledge MHN1803 Module
MHN1804 Practice Learning 1 Mental Health Nursing MHN1804 Module
MHN2000 Practice Learning 2 Mental Health Nursing MHN2000 Module
MHN2801 Developing Professional Nursing Practice in Mental Health Nursing MHN2801 Module
MHN2802 Developing Scientific Principles for Mental Health Nursing MHN2802 Module
MHN2803 Developing Nursing Knowledge in Mental Health Nursing MHN2803 Module
MHN2804 Practice Learning 2 Mental Health Nursing MHN2804 Module
MHN3000 Practice Learning 3 Mental Health Nursing MHN3000 Module
MHN4000 Developing Nursing Knowledge and Professional Practice in Mental Health MHN4000 Module
MHN4001 Developing Nursing Science in Mental Health MHN4001 Module
MHN4002 Consolidating Nursing Knowledge and Professional Practice in Mental Health MHN4002 Module
MHN4003 Consolidating Nursing Science in Mental Health MHN4003 Module
MHN4607 Physical Health & Wellbeing MHN4607 Module
MHR1000 : Foundations For Nursing Practice: Mental Health MHR1000 Module
MHR1015 : Foundations For Field Of Practice In Mental Health MHR1015 Module
MHR2000 : Developing An Understanding In Mental Health MHR2000 Module
MHR2001 : Treatment And Interventions In Mental Health MHR2001 Module
MHR2006 : Knowledge For Mental Health Care Practice MHR2006 Module
MHR2008: Health Care Practice 2 MHR2008 Module
MHR2009: Health Care Practice 3 MHR2009 Module
MHR2011 Transition to MH Nursing MHR2011 Module
MHR2103: Practice Learning 2 MHR2103 Module
MHR2404: Practice Learning 2 (PG Dip) MHR2404 Module
MHR3001 Mental health awareness - from prevention to recovery MHR3001 Module
MHR3031 Meeting Complex Care needs In Mental Health MHR3031 Module
MHR3032 : Preparation For Mental Health Practice MHR3032 Module
MHR3233: Practice Learning 3 MHR3233 Module
MHR3404: Practice Learning 3 (PG Dip) MHR3404 Module
MHR3604/4604: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy MOD_CLUSTER_45 Module
MHR3606/MHR4606 Social Inclusion And Recovery In Mental Health MOD_CLUSTER_79 Module
MHR3607 Physical care skills for mental health professionals MHR3607 Module
MHR3620 /4620: Foundations In Working With Dual Diagnosis MHR3620 Module
MHR3620/4620: Foundations In Working With Dual Diagnosis MOD_CLUSTER_47 Module
MHR3622/4622: Assessment And Treatment In Dual Diagnosis MOD_CLUSTER_48 Module
MHR3631/4631 Dementia Care And Practice MOD_CLUSTER_50 Module
MHR3632/4632 Dementia Care And Practice Programme MOD_CLUSTER_51 Module
MHR4012 : Skills And Interventions In Mental Health Nursing MHR4012 Module
MHR4013 Working with complexity in mental health care MHR4013 Module
MHR4016 Preparation for Professional Mental Health Practice MHR4016 Module
MHR4050 Knowledge For Mental Health Nursing Practice MHR4050 Module
MHR4502 Motivational Interviewing: Strategies for Lifestyle and Behavioural Changes MHR4502 Module
MHR4605: Risk Assessment And Management In Mental Health MOD_CLUSTER_46 Module
MHR4606 Social Inclusion and Recovery in Mental Health MHR4606 Module
MHR4607 Physical Health And Wellbeing MHR4607 Module
MHR4608 : Planning And Delivering Care In Practice MHR4608 Module
MHR4620: Foundations In Working With Dual Diagnosis MHR4620 Module
MHR4707 Physical Assessment Skills for Mental Health Professionals MHR4707 Module
MWY1100 Foundations Of Midwifery MWY1100 Module
MWY1101 : Foundations Of Professional Practice In Midwifery MWY1101 Module
MWY1102 Midwifery Practice MODULE MWY1102 Module
MWY1103 Midwifery Practice MODULE MWY1103 Module
MWY1410 : Maternity Support Worker Training MWY1410 Module
MWY2101 Wider Context of Midwifery MWY2101 Module
MWY2102 : Care Of Mother And Baby With Complex Needs MWY2102 Module
MWY2103 Midwifery Practice 3 MWY2103 Module
MWY2203 Approaches To Research MWY2203 Module
MWY2301 Fundamentals of Midwifery MWY2301 Module
MWY2302 Midwifery Practice 1 MWY2302 Module
MWY3000 : Evidence Based Practice In Midwifery MWY3000 Module
MWY3101 Towards Autonomous Midwifery Practice MWY3101 Module
MWY3102 Midwifery Practice 4 MWY3102 Module
MWY3103 Midwifery Practice 5 MWY3103 Module
MWY3301 Care of Mother and Baby with Complex Care Needs MWY3301 Module
MWY3302 Midwifery Practice 2 MWY3302 Module
MWY3303 Midwifery Practice 3 MWY3303 Module
MWY3330 Dissertation MWY3330 Module
MWY3331 Dissertation MWY3331 Module
MWY3440/MWY4400 Neuro-Behavioural Physiological Assessment of the Newborn MOD_CLUSTER_68 Module
MWY3451/MWY4451 Resuscitation of the Newborn MOD_CLUSTER_69 Module
NIP1003 Foundations For Professional Practice NIP1003 Module
NIP1004 Practice Learning 1 NIP1004 Module
NIP1008 Essential Skills for Practice NIP1008 Module
NIP1013 Study Skills and Personal Development NIP1013 Module
NIP1014 : Foundations for Health Care Practice NIP1014 Module
NIP1015 Foundations For Field Of Healthcare Practice - Adult NIP1015 Module
NIP1016 Health Care Practice 1 NIP1016 Module
NIP1017 Essential skills for NA NIP1017 Module
NIP1019 Foundations of NA Practice NIP1019 Module
NIP1802 Foundations of Scientific Principles for Adult Nursing NIP1802 Module
NIP1803 Foundations of Adult Nursing Knowledge NIP1803 Module
NIP1804 Practice Learning 1 Adult Nursing NIP1804 Module
NIP1900 Study Skills for Nursing Associates NIP1900 Module
NIP1901 Foundations of Professional Nursing Associate Practice NIP1901 Module
NIP1902 Foundations of Scientific Principles for Nursing Associate Practice NIP1902 Module
NIP1903 Foundations of Nursing Associate Knowledge NIP1903 Module
NIP1904 Nursing Associate Practice 1 NIP1904 Module
NIP2000 Nursing the Acutely Ill Patient NIP2000 Module
NIP2001 Caring for the Patient with Long-Term Conditions NIP2001 Module
NIP2006 : Caring For The Acutely Ill Adult In Health Care Practice NIP2006 Module
NIP2007 Caring for patients with long term conditions in health care practice NIP2007 Module
NIP2010/MHR2010 Transition to Nursing and graduate study MOD_CLUSTER_24 Module
NIP2011 :Transition To Nursing In The United Kingdom NIP2011 Module
NIP2103 Practice Learning 2 NIP2103 Module
NIP2106 Delivering Care Across Boundaries NIP2106 Module
NIP2107 Developing the Nursing Associate in practice NIP2107 Module
NIP2108 Team Leadership and Learning NIP2108 Module
NIP2109 Health Care Practice as a Nursing Associate 2 NIP2109 Module
NIP2203 Approaches To Health And Social Care Research NIP2203 Module
NIP2204 : Appraising And Using Evidence For Practice NIP2204 Module
NIP2801 Developing Professional Nursing Practice in Adult Nursing NIP2801 Module
NIP2802 Developing Scientific Principles for Adult Nursing NIP2802 Module
NIP2803 Developing Nursing Knowledge in Adult Nursing NIP2803 Module
NIP2804 Practice Learning 2 Adult Nursing NIP2804 Module
NIP2900 Developing Professional Nursing Associate Practice NIP2900 Module
NIP2901 Developing Scientific Principles for Nursing Associate Practice NIP2901 Module
NIP2902 Team Leadership and Supporting Learning in Practice NIP2902 Module
NIP2903 Nursing Associate Practice 2 NIP2903 Module
NIP3012 Nursing the Patient with Complex Care Needs NIP3012 Module
NIP3013 Preparation for Registration and Professional Practice NIP3013 Module
NIP3015 Return to Practice (Nursing) NIP3015 Module
NIP3233 Practice Learning 3 NIP3233 Module
NIP3330 Dissertation NIP3330 Module
NIP3331 Nursing Practice Enquiry NIP3331 Module
NIP4012 Managing Care of the Adult Patient NIP4012 Module
NIP4013 Managing Care of the Patient with Complex Needs NIP4013 Module
NIP4015 Working in Partnership in Healthcare NIP4015 Module
NIP4016 Preparation for Professional Practice in Adult Nursing NIP4016 Module
NIP4050 Knowledge and Skills for Nursing Practice NIP4050 Module
NIP4508 Advanced Practice In Accident And Emergency Nursing NIP4508 Module
NSA3100/NSA4100 Leadership for Public and Community Services MOD_CLUSTER_168 Module
NSA3120/4120 Non Medical Prescribing MOD_CLUSTER_167 Module
NSA3121 Community Practitioner Nurse Prescribing NSA3121 Module
NSA3200/NSA4200 Service Development and Quality Improvement MOD_CLUSTER_176 Module
NSA3501 /4501 Critical Care Nursing - Core Concepts And Interventions NSA3501 Module
NSA3501/4501 Critical Care Nursing - Core Concepts And Interventions NSA4501 Module
NSA3501/4501 Critical Care Nursing - Core Concepts And Interventions MOD_CLUSTER_93 Module
NSA3502/4502 Physical Assessment And Diagnostic Skills NSA4502 Module
NSA3504/4504 Minor Injuries NSA4504 Module
NSA3504/4504 Minor Injuries NSA3504 Module
NSA3504/4504: Minor illness MOD_CLUSTER_22 Module
NSA3511 Principles of Perioperative Nursing NSA3511 Module
NSA3512 /4502: Physical Assessment And Diagnostic Skills NSA3512 Module
NSA3512/3502/4502: Physical Assessment And Diagnostic Skills MOD_CLUSTER_92 Module
NSA3530 /4530 Assessing the Acutely Ill Patient NSA3530 Module
NSA3535 /4535 Caring for the Acutely Ill Patient NSA3535 Module
NSA3540/4540 Minor Injury Assessment And Management For The Nurse/Health Practitioner MOD_CLUSTER_127 Module
NSA3545 Accident And Emergency practice NSA3545 Module
NSA3632 Mentorship Preparation NSA3632 Module
NSA3633 Mentorship Preparation NSA3633 Module
NSA3637/NSA4637 Theory and Practice of Contraception and Sexual Health MOD_CLUSTER_216 Module
NSA3700/NSA4700 Practice Educator MOD_CLUSTER_224 Module
NSA3900/NSA4900 Non-Medical Prescribing MOD_CLUSTER_219 Module
NSA3901 Community Practitioner Nurse Prescribing NSA3901 Module
NSA3901/NSA4902 Community Practitioner Nurse or Midwife Prescribing MOD_CLUSTER_231 Module
NSA4002 Essentials of Advanced Nursing Practice NSA4002 Module
NSA4050 Developing Research Capability NSA4050 Module
NSA4530 Assessing the Acutely Ill Patient NSA4530 Module
NSA4535 Caring for the Acutely Ill Patient NSA4535 Module
NSA4633 Mentorship Preparation NSA4633 Module
NSA4634 : Practice Teacher Programme NSA4634 Module
NUR1800 Foundations of Expansive Learning NUR1800 Module
NUR1801 Foundations For Professional Nursing Knowledge NUR1801 Module
NUR2800 Developing Expansive Learning NUR2800 Module
PDT4022 Developing Effective Leadership And Management (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PDT4022 Module
PDT4044 (DBI) Dissertation PDT4044_DBI Module
PDT4045 PDT4045 Module
PDT4061 (DBI) Developing Teaching and Learning PDT4061_DBI Module
PDT4061 (MRU) Developing Teaching And Learning PDT4061_MRU Module
PDT4061 Teaching and Learning PDT4061_HEN Module
PDT4160 Developing Teaching And Learning (Dubai only 14/15) PDT4160 Module
PDT4170 Developing Professional Practice PDT4170 Module
PDT4301 Leadership Of Inclusive Practice 005X30G Module
PDT4410 Framework for TESOL practice PDT4410_DBI Module
PG Dip Mental Health Nursing Programme PROG_CLUSTER_291 Module
PGCert Professional Practice in Early Years Foundation Stage Teaching 034X324 Module
PHC1000 : Foundations for field of practice (child) PHC1000 Module
PHC2000 : Developing Knowledge And Skills Caring For The Acutely Ill Infant, Child And Young Person (ICYP) And Their Families PHC2000 Module
PHC2001 : Developing Knowledge And Skills In Caring For The Infant, Child, Young Person (ICYP) With Long Term Conditions And Their Families PHC2001 Module
PHC2103 Practice Learning 2 PHC2103 Module
PHC3000 : Preparing for Registration: Infant, Child & Young Person (ICYP) Professional Nursing Practice PHC3000 Module
PHC3001 Consolidation Of Knowledge And Skills In The Nursing Of The ICYP PHC3001 Module
PHC3120/4120 Non Medical Prescribing MOD_CLUSTER_28 Module
PHC3233 Practice Learning 3 PHC3233 Module
PHC3330 Dissertation PHC3330 Module
PHC3634 /4634 Contraceptive Health PHC3634 Module
PHC3635 Sexual Health MODULE PHC3635 Module
PHC4610 Health Promotion: Targets and Evidence PHC4610 Module
PHC4620 Educating for Health: Evidence and Practice PHC4620 Module
PHC4634 Contraceptive MODULE PHC4634 Module
PHC4635 /3635 Sexual Health PHC4635 Module
PSA4705 The Psychoanalytic Movement PSA4705 Module
PSA4710 Key Clinical and Theoretical Concepts in Psychoanalysis PSA4710 Module
PSA4715 Clinical Methodologies PSA4715 Module
PSA4720 Psychoanalysis, Culture And Society PSA4720 Module
PSY4008 Contemporary Research And Issues In Applied Psychology (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) PSY4008 Module
PSY4025 Advanced Research Methods PSY4025 Module
Research Methods and Methodologies for Education LED4014 Module
SAT0100/01/02/03/04/05 SMART MOD_CLUSTER_165 Module
SAT0300 Foundation Project SAT0300 Module
SAT0400 Computing And Digital Technology SAT0400 Module
SES1501 / SES1601 / SES1701 / SES1801 Professional Skills & Work Based Learning MOD_CLUSTER_199 Module
SES1503/SES1703/SES1803 Fundamentals of Training Principles in Sport & Exercise MOD_CLUSTER_197 Module
SES1504/SES1704/SES1804 Movement Analysis MOD_CLUSTER_198 Module
SES1505/SES1705 Fundamentals of Physical Education & Coaching MOD_CLUSTER_195 Module
Social Inclusion And Recovery In Mental Health MHR3606 Module
SWK1004 Life Course Development SWK1004 Module
SWK1005 Community Project SWK1005 Module
SWK1023 Preparation For Professional Practice: Foundation Knowledge And Skills SWK1023 Module
SWK1024 Preparation For Professional Practice: Communication And Lifelong Learning Skills SWK1024 Module
SWK2203 Approaches To Health And Social Care Research SWK2203 Module
SWK2400 Initial Professional Practice Placement SWK2400 Module
SWK2404 Social Work Theories, Interventions And Practice SWK2404 Module
SWK2405 Law For Social Workers SWK2405 Module
SWK3332 Specialist Knowledge For Professional Practice (Social Work With Adults) SWK3332 Module
SWK3334 Specialist Knowledge For Professional Practice (Child And Family Social Work) SWK3334 Module
SWK3401 Initial Professional Practice Placement And Social Work Skills: Skills And Readiness For Practice SWK3401 Module
SWK3408 : Social Work Knowledge: Application And Critique SWK3408 Module
SWK3420/4420: Stage 2: Practice Education & Assessment MOD_CLUSTER_94 Module
SWK3425 : Stage 1: Enabling Others SWK3425 Module
SWK3491 Final Professional Practice Placement SWK3491 Module
SWK3492 Final Professional Placement SWK3492 Module
SWK4002 Relationship-Based Practice: Advanced Intervention Skills SWK4002 Module
SWK4010 Assessed and Supported Year in Employment SWK4010 Module
SWK4011 Practice Education Stage 1 SWK4011 Module
SWK4022 Practice Education Stage 1 SWK4022 Module
SWK4247 Law And Social Policy For Social Workers SWK4247 Module
SWK4248 Semester One SWK4248 Module
SWK4249 Critical Approaches To The Life Course Epistemology SWK4249 Module
SWK4331 Critical Thinking And Analysis In Social Work SWK4331 Module
SWK4332 : Specialist Knowledge For Professional Practice - Social Work With Adults (Dissertation) SWK4332 Module
SWK4334 Specialist Knowledge For Professional Practice (Child And Family Social Work) SWK4334 Module
SWK4407 Social Work Knowledge And Application SWK4407 Module
SWK4421 Practice Education (Stage 2) SWK4421 Module
SWK4422 Practice Education Stage 2 SWK4422 Module
SWK4440 : Best Interest Assessor (Social Care) SWK4440 Module
SWK4500: Social Work Theory and Readiness for Direct Practice SWK4500 Module
SWK4501: Law and Advanced Social Work Practice SWK4501 Module
SWK4502 Practice Placement Module SWK4502 Module
SWK4504 Social Work Research SWK4504 Module
SWk4505: Understanding the Life Course SWK4505 Module
SWK4600 Social Work Theory and Readiness for Direct Practice SWK4600 Module
SWK4601 Law and Advanced Social Work SWK4601 Module
SWK4602 Practice Placement Module SWK4602 Module
SWK4604 Social Work Research SWK4604 Module
SWK4605 Understanding the Life Course SWK4605 Module
SWK4700: Readiness For Direct Practice SWK4700 Module
SWK4701 Law And Social Policy For Social Work SWK4701 Module
SWK4702 Social Work Knowledge and Application SWK4702 Module
SWK4703 Placement Stage One SWK4703 Module
SWK4705 Placement stage two SWK4705 Module
SWK4706: Mental Health Social Work Dissertation SWK4706 Module
Theory and Practice of Contraception and Sexual Health NSA4638 Module
Theory and Practice of Contraception and Sexual Health NSA3637 Module
Theory and Practice of Contraception and Sexual Health NSA4637 Module
Theory and Practice of Contraception and Sexual Health NSA3638 Module
TRA1801 Introduction To Interpreting TRA1801 Module
TRA1802 Introduction To Translation TRA1802 Module
TRA1803 Core Concepts in Language Transfer TRA1803 Module
TRA1804 Professional and Research Skills TRA1804 Module
TRA2021 Introduction to Public Service Interpreting TRA2021 Module
TRA2801 Translation and Interpreting Theory TRA2801 Module
TRA2802 Practical Translation TRA2802 Module
TRA2803 Translation Technologies TRA2803 Module
TRA2804 Introduction To Public Service Interpreting TRA2804 Module
TRA3003 Translation And Technology TRA3003 Module
TRA3021 - Public Service Interpreting - Legal Option TRA3021 Module
TRA3022 - Public Service Interpreting - Health Option TRA3022 Module
TRA3801 Research in Language Transfer TRA3801 Module
TRA3803 Localization TRA3803 Module
TRA3805 Advanced Practical Translation Skills TRA3805 Module
TRA3850 Conference Interpreting TRA3850 Module
TRA4010 Translating Audiovisual Texts TRA4010 Module
TRA4014 Translating Business And Legal Texts TRA4014 Module
TRA4017 Translating Literary Texts TRA4017 Module
TRA4018 Translating Technical Text TRA4018 Module
TRA4019 Translation Theories and Culture TRA4019 Module
TRA4020 Research Methods And Dissertation TRA4020 Module
TRA4021 Translating Business and Legal Text TRA4021 Module
VET0100 Essentials for Learning VET0100 Module
VET0101 Applied Research VET0101 Module
VET0102 Introduction to Animal Science VET0102 Module
VET0103 Fundamentals of Veterinary Nursing VET0103 Module
VET1604 Introduction to Professional Issues in Veterinary Nursing VET1604 Module
VET1615 Introduction to Nursing Care’ VET1615 Module
VET1616 Working in a Veterinary Environment VET1616 Module
VET1617 Applied Functional Anatomy VET1617 Module
VET2201 Work Based Project VET2201 Module
VET2204 Appraising and Using Evidence in Practice VET2204 Module
VET2222 Pharmacology for Nursing Practice VET2222 Module
VET2312 Legal, Professional and Ethical Aspects of Veterinary Nursing VET2312 Module
VET2701 Pathology for Veterinary Nurses VET2701 Module
VET2702 Theatre Practice VET2702 Module
VET2703 Approaches to Health and Social Care Research VET2703 Module
VET2710 Clinical Nursing VET2710 Module
VET2711 Pathology for Veterinary Nurses VET2711 Module
VET2712 Theatre Practice VET2712 Module
VET3700 Pharmacology for Nursing Practice VET3700 Module
VET3701 Principles of Imaging and Anaesthesia VET3701 Module
VET3703 Dissertation VET3703 Module
VET3712 Management and Business VET3712 Module
VET3714 Nursing Exotics and Wildlife VET3714 Module
VET3715 Animal Behaviour and Training VET3715 Module
VET3717 Veterinary Education and Professional Development VET3717 Module
VET3718 Applied Emergency and Critical Care Nursing VET3718 Module
VET3719 International Veterinary Nursing VET3719 Module
WBH3515/WBH4510 Review of Learning MOD_CLUSTER_181 Module
WBS4770 Dissertation WBS4770 Module

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