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ACC0303 Accounting Foundation Project ACC0303 Module
ACC0303/FIN0303 Accounting & Finance Foundation Project MOD_CLUSTER_261 Module
ACC0323 Accounting Foundation Project (QAHE) MOD_CLUSTER_248 Module
ACC1110 Financial Accounting (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) ACC1110 Module
ACC1115 Management Accounting (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) ACC1115 Module
ACC1120 Financial Data Analysis (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) ACC1120 Module
ACC1125 Corporate Responsibility & Ethics ACC1125 Module
ACC1135 Accounting Information Systems ACC1135 Module
ACC2110 Issues In Financial Accounting (Hendon, Dubai) ACC2110 Module
ACC2120 Advanced Financial Accounting (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) ACC2120 Module
ACC2125 Advanced Management Accounting (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) ACC2125 Module
ACC2211 Managerial Finance And Accounting (Hendon, Dubai) ACC2211 Module
ACC2220 Managerial Finance (Hendon,Dubai,Mauritius) ACC2220 Module
ACC2222 Accounting and Finance for Business ACC2222 Module
ACC2810 Applied Financial Accounting ACC2810 Module
ACC2820 ACC2820 Module
ACC2830 Financial Project Management ACC2830 Module
ACC3010 Strategic Management Accounting ACC3010 Module
ACC3050 Business Accounting ACC3050 Module
ACC3125 Accounting Theory (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) ACC3125 Module
ACC3135 Accounting Theory ACC3135 Module
ACC3136 Accounting Theory ACC3136 Module
ACC3140 Taxation (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) ACC3140 Module
ACC3145 Ethics and Sustainability ACC3145 Module
ACC3155 Financial Statement Analysis And Valuation (Hendon, Dubai) ACC3155 Module
ACC3160 Strategic Management Accounting (Hendon, Mauritius) ACC3160 Module
ACC3165 Corporate Governance ACC3165 Module
ACC3170 Corporate Accountability ACC3170 Module
ACC3175 Audit and Assurance (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) ACC3175 Module
ACC4160 Corporate Governance And Accountability ACC4160 Module
ACC4200 Dissertation ACC4200 Module
ACC4210 Financial And Management Accounting ACC4210 Module
ACC4240 Financial Analysis And Valuation ACC4240 Module
ACC4250 Financial Reporting ACC4250 Module
ACF2702 Commercial Awareness and Financial Principles ACF2702 Module
ACI3611 Establishing of Professional Practice ACI3611 Module
ACI3622 Mapping Practices ACI3622 Module
ACI3633 Professional Practice Enquiry ACI3633 Module
Authentic Leadership In Practice LWO4413 Module
BIO2514 Medical Diagnostic Techniques BIO2514 Module
BIS4408 Information Systems Quality Management (Hendon, Mauritius, Malta) BIS4408 Module
Critical Leadership LWO4414 Module
Designing Adaptive Organisations HRM4438 Module
Diversity, Flexible Working Practices And Work-Life Balance HRM4434 Module
DPS02 Research Development DPS02 Module
DPS03 Research Development DPS03 Module
DPS4520 Review of Learning DPS4520 Module
DPS4561 Planning A Practioner Research Programme MOD_CLUSTER_34 Module
Economic Policy And Analysis ECS2007 Module
ECS0303 Economics Foundation Project ECS0303 Module
ECS1002 Principles of Macroeconomics ECS1002 Module
ECS1003 Statistics And Inference ECS1003 Module
ECS1004 Quantitative Techniques ECS1004 Module
ECS1012 Economic Applications ECS1012 Module
ECS1125 Business Economics (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) ECS1125 Module
ECS1340 Financial Markets And Institutions ECS1340 Module
ECS1345 Financial Markets, Institutions and Banking ECS1345 Module
ECS1350 Principles Of Economics ECS1350 Module
ECS2001 Microeconomics ECS2001 Module
ECS2002 Macroeconomics ECS2002 Module
ECS2003 Econometrics ECS2003 Module
ECS2004 Quantitative Techniques II ECS2004 Module
ECS2005 Intermediate Microeconomics ECS2005 Module
ECS2006 Intermediate Macroeconomics ECS2006 Module
ECS2008 Applied Econometrics ECS2008 Module
ECS2040 Economic Environment and Practice ECS2040 Module
ECS2290 ECS2290 Module
ECS2380 Banking Theory And Practice ECS2380 Module
ECS3001 Advanced Microeconomics ECS3001 Module
ECS3002 Advanced Macroeconomics ECS3002 Module
ECS3003 Advanced Econometrics ECS3003 Module
ECS3008 Social Network and Labour Economics ECS3008 Module
ECS3009 Development Economics ECS3009 Module
ECS3014 Industrial Organisation ECS3014 Module
ECS3015 Trade: Theory and Policy ECS3015 Module
ECS3070 International Trade ECS3070 Module
ECS3110 Financial Risk Management In Banking ECS3110 Module
ECS3120 Monetary Policy ECS3120 Module
ECS3300 Business Economics And Industrial Organisation ECS3300 Module
ECS3350 International Finance (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) ECS3350 Module
ECS3355 Financial Economics ECS3355 Module
ECS3356 Applied Computational Finance ECS3356 Module
ECS3366 International Finance ECS3366 Module
ECS3535 Macroeconomics And The Open Economy ECS3535 Module
ECS3870 Econometrics ECS3870 Module
ECS3960 Labour And Personnel Economics ECS3960 Module
ECS4001 Behavioural Economics ECS4001 Module
ECS4002 Data Analysis ECS4002 Module
ECS4003 Experimental Economics ECS4003 Module
ECS4004 Behavioural Markets ECS4004 Module
ECS4005 Practice ECS4005 Module
ECS4006 Dissertation ECS4006 Module
ECS4411 Economic Theory ECS4411 Module
ECS4412 Labour Markets And Employment ECS4412 Module
ECS4413 Dissertation ECS4413 Module
ECS4414 Managerial Economics ECS4414 Module
ECS4415 Applied Econometrics ECS4415 Module
ECS4580 Trade And The Multinational Enterprise (Hendon, Dubai) ECS4580 Module
EDU3292 (DBI) Dissertation Module for Early Childhood Studies EDU3292_DBI Module
Equality And The Law HRM4436 Module
FIN1005 Marketing Finance FIN1005 Module
FIN1110 Financial Aspects Of Business (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) FIN1110 Module
FIN1111 Financial Aspects Of Management FIN1111 Module
FIN1212 Financial Concepts of Business FIN1212 Module
FIN1350 Decision Theory FIN1350 Module
FIN2150 Securities And Derivatives (Hendon, Dubai) FIN2150 Module
FIN2160 International Financial Markets (Hendon, Dubai) FIN2160 Module
FIN2840 Personal Financial Behaviour FIN2840 Module
FIN3020 Entrepreneurial Finance FIN3020 Module
FIN3120 Business Financem (Hendon, Dubai) FIN3120 Module
FIN3125 Corporate Finance FIN3125 Module
FIN3130 Finance (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) FIN3130 Module
FIN3145 Global Issues in Financial Services FIN3145 Module
FIN3150 Regulation Of Financial FIN3150 Module
FIN3160 Investment Analysis FIN3160 Module
FIN3170 Applied Financial Econometrics FIN3170 Module
FIN4150 Financial Data Analysis FIN4150 Module
FIN4150/FIN4430 Dissertation Training MOD_CLUSTER_26 Module
FIN4220 Corporate Finance FIN4220 Module
FIN4230 Entrepreneurial Finance FIN4230 Module
FIN4230/FIN4910 Entrepreneurial Finance MOD_CLUSTER_193 Module
FIN4410 Financial Theory And Applications FIN4410 Module
FIN4430 Dissertation (Hendon, Dubai) FIN4430 Module
FIN4440 Financial Modelling FIN4440 Module
FIN4450 Portfolio Theory And Equity Analysis FIN4450 Module
FIN4460 Investment Management FIN4460 Module
FIN4470 International Financial Markets (Hendon, Dubai) FIN4470 Module
FIN4480 International Risk Management FIN4480 Module
FIN4510 Banking And Financial Institutions (Hendon, Dubai) FIN4510 Module
FIN4530 International Financial Regulation (Hendon, Dubai) FIN4530 Module
FIN4550 Applied Corporate Finance FIN4550 Module
FIN4560 Financial Markets And Derivatives FIN4560 Module
FIN4700 Research methods and Dissertation FIN4700 Module
FIN4710 Investment Analysis and Management FIN4710 Module
FIN4720 Corporate Finance and Valuation FIN4720 Module
FIN4730 Fixed-Income Securities FIN4730 Module
FIN4740 Applied Econometrics FIN4740 Module
FIN4801 Financial and Economic Analysis FIN4801 Module
FIN4810 (NSW) Finance and Economics FIN4810_NSW Module
FIN4810 / MBA4643 (DBI) Finance And Economics MOD_CLUSTER_100 Module
FIN4810 Finance and Economics FIN4810 Module
FIN4810 Finance And Economics (DIS) FIN4810_DIS Module
FIN4811 (LMA)Finance and Risk Management FIN4811_LMA Module
FIN4812 Oil and Gas Finance (MBA) FIN4812 Module
FIN4814 / MBA4909 Advanced Corporate Financial Analysis MOD_CLUSTER_110 Module
FIN4821 (HEN) Finance and Economics (MBA) FIN4821 Module
FIN4851 Financial and Economic Analysis FIN4851 Module
HRM1003 Work, Business And The External Environment HRM1003 Module
HRM1004 Management And Organisations (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius)) HRM1004 Module
HRM1005 Foundations In International Management And Organisation (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) HRM1005 Module
HRM1301/2/3/4/5/6/7 (DBI) People Management MOD_CLUSTER_229 Module
HRM1301/2/3/4/5/6/7 (HEN) People Management MOD_CLUSTER_228 Module
HRM1301/2/3/4/5/6/7 People Management MOD_CLUSTER_188 Module
HRM2000 Work And Organizational Behaviour HRM2000 Module
HRM2002 People Resourcing and Development. HRM2002 Module
HRM2003 Work, Organisation And Society (Hendon, Dubai) HRM2003 Module
HRM2004 Work, Organisation and Society HRM2004 Module
HRM2005 Human Resource Management In Practice (Hendon, Dubai) HRM2005 Module
HRM2006 Employee Relations, Engagement And Reward Management HRM2006 Module
HRM2007 Work, Organisation and Society (HEN) HRM2007_HEN Module
HRM2011 HRM In A Global Context (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) HRM2011 Module
HRM2017 International Human Resource Management HRM2017 Module
HRM2018 Organisational Behaviour HRM2018 Module
HRM2118 Human Resource Management in Practice HRM2118 Module
HRM3005 Leadership And Management Development In An International Context (Hendon, Malta) HRM3005 Module
HRM3006 Management And Leadership Development (Hendon, Dubai) HRM3006 Module
HRM3007 Equality Diversity And Inclusion (Hendon, Dubai) HRM3007 Module
HRM3008 Strategic Human Resource Management (Hendon, Dubai and Hong Kong) HRM3008 Module
HRM3011 Contemporary Issues In Human Resource Management HRM3011 Module
HRM3013 The Service Encounter (Hendon, Dubai) HRM3013 Module
HRM3014 Contemporary Issues In Managing A Workforce (Hendon, Dubai) HRM3014 Module
HRM3014/HRM3024 Contemporary Issues in Managing a Workforce MOD_CLUSTER_191 Module
HRM3015 International Leadership HRM3015 Module
HRM3017 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion HRM3017 Module
HRM3018 Workforce Management HRM3018 Module
HRM3120 (DBI) Individual And Organisational Change HRM3120_DBI Module
HRM3120 Individual And Organisational Change HRM3120_HEN Module
HRM3150 Authentic Leadership Development (Hendon, Dubai) HRM3150 Module
HRM3160 Developing Leaders And Managers In Organisations HRM3160 Module
HRM3218 Coaching and Mentoring HRM3218 Module
HRM3224 Workforce Management HRM3224 Module
HRM4015 International Strategic People Management HRM4015 Module
HRM4016 Strategic Human Resource Management HRM4016 Module
HRM4020 Organisation in the international context HRM4020 Module
HRM4025 Research And Prof Practice (Hendon, Dubai) HRM4025 Module
HRM4030 Research And Prof Practice With Dissertation (Hendon, Dubai) HRM4030 Module
HRM4035 Employment Relations And The Law HRM4035 Module
HRM4040 Total Reward (Hendon, Dubai) HRM4040 Module
HRM4050 Resourcing and Management Development (Hendon, Dubai) HRM4050 Module
HRM4055 Individual Learning, Coaching And Mentoring MOD_CLUSTER_38 Module
HRM4060 Learning and Management Development HRM4060 Module
HRM4065/HRM4066 Organisational Learning And Development MOD_CLUSTER_40 Module
HRM4075 Resilience At Work: Building Wellbeing HRM4075 Module
HRM4370 Globalisation And Work HRM4370 Module
HRM4411 Principles Of People Management And Development Practice (Dubai) HRM4411 Module
HRM4412 Metrics, Analytics And Data HRM4412 Module
HRM4413 People Management And Development In Business (Dubai) HRM4413 Module
HRM4414 Management Report (Dubai) HRM4414 Module
HRM4415 Applied Dissertation (Dubai) HRM4415 Module
HRM4416 Reward Management HRM4416 Module
HRM4417 Performance Management HRM4417 Module
HRM4418 Employee Engagement In Practice (Hendon, Dubai) HRM4418 Module
HRM4420 Employment Relations (Dubai) HRM4420 Module
HRM4421 Resourcing And Talent Management HRM4421 Module
HRM4422 Organisation Development HRM4422 Module
HRM4423 Effective Coaching and Mentoring (Hendon, Dubai) HRM4423 Module
HRM4424 Leadership And Management Development HRM4424 Module
HRM4425 Effective Individual Learning And Development HRM4425 Module
HRM4427 International Reward Management HRM4427 Module
HRM4428 Developing International Organisations HRM4428 Module
HRM4430 Labour Strategies And The Contemporary Economy HRM4430 Module
HRM4821 Managing and Developing People HRM4821 Module
HRM4851 Managing & Developing People HRM4851 Module
HRM4865 Leading and Managing People HRM4865 Module
Inclusion And Exclusion At Work HRM4433 Module
LAW2105/LAW3205 Tort MOD_CLUSTER_256 Module
Learning And Talent Development HRM4437 Module
LWO2120 Law for Business LWO2120 Module
LWO4007 Management Report Dissertation LWO4007 Module
LWO4111 (MTB) old LWO4111 Module
LWO4111_WPY Review Of Learning And Leadership Development Project Plan LWO4111_WPY Module
LWO4111_WPZ Review Of Learning And Leadership Development Project Plan LWO4111_WPZ Module
LWO4112 (MTB) Leadership Development Project Report LWO4112_MTB Module
LWO4112 _BCS Leadership Development Project Report LWO4112 Module
LWO4112_WPY Leadership Development Project Report LWO4112_WPY Module
LWO4112_WPZ Leadership Development Project Report LWO4112_WPZ Module
LWO4116 Strategic Leadership Practice LWO4116 Module
LWO4810 / MBA4640 (DBI) Leadership MOD_CLUSTER_99 Module
LWO4810 Leadership LWO4810_HEN Module
LWO4811 (HEN) Executive Leadership (MBA) LWO4811 Module
LWO4811 Executive Leadership LWO4811_DIS Module
LWO4811 Executive Leadership (LMA) LWO4811_LMA Module
LWO4813 Executive Leadership (IBC) LWO4813_IBC Module
Management Learning LWO4412 Module
Managerial And Entrepreneurial Leadership LWO4415 Module
Managing Global And Diverse Workforce HRM4435 Module
MB4812 (HEN) Project MBS4812_HEN Module
MBA4631 Leadership MBA4631 Module
MBA4634 Business Strategy MBA4634_DIS Module
MBA4634 Business Strategy MBA4634_HEN Module
MBA4646 Marketing Management MBA4646_HEN Module
MBA4646 Marketing Management MBA4646_DIS Module
MBA4705 Executive Leadership (DIS) MBA4705_DIS Module
MBS0005 Academic Writing and Research Skills for Business MBS0005 Module
MBS0111 Preparing for Business MBS0111 Module
MBS0215 Academic Writing and Research Skills for Business MBS0215 Module
MBS0225 Academic Writing and Research Skills for Business MBS0225 Module
MBS0235 Academic Writing and Research Skills for Business (QAHE) MBS0235 Module
MBS1018 Business Models and Environment MBS1018 Module
MBS1701 Professional Development Portfolio 1 MBS1701 Module
MBS1702 The B2B Sales Environment MBS1702 Module
MBS1703 Learning and Studying at Work MBS1703 Module
MBS1705 Introduction to Digital Selling MBS1705 Module
MBS1706 Negotiated B2B Sales Project 1 MBS1706 Course
MBS2333 Short Placements MBS2333 Module
MBS2701 Professional Development Portfolio 2 MBS2701 Module
MBS2702 Commercial Awareness and Financial Principles MBS2702 Module
MBS2703 Developing Sales Solutions and Proposals MBS2703 Module
MBS2704 The Psychology of Sales and Negotiation MBS2704 Module
MBS3001 Internships MBS3001 Module
MBS3012 Consulting To Organisations MBS3012 Module
MBS3200 Learning And Self-Development In The Context Of Part-Time Or Voluntary Work MBS3200 Module
MBS3331 Placements MBS3331 Module
MBS4200 Review of Professional Capability MBS4200 Module
MBS4501 Review of Learning MBS4501 Module
MBS4505 Applied Project MBS4505 Module
MBS4801 Personal and Professional Development MBS4801 Module
MBS4810 (DIS) Research Methods MBS4810_DIS Module
MBS4810 (HEN) Research Methods MBS4810_HEN Module
MBS4810 (IBC/LMA) Research Methods MOD_CLUSTER_160 Module
MBS4812 (IBC/LMA) Applied Project MOD_CLUSTER_159 Module
MBS4812 / MBA4800 (DBI) Project MOD_CLUSTER_101 Module
MBS4813 (DIS) Business Transformation Project MBS4813_DIS Module
MBS4813 (IBC) MBS4813_IBC Module
MBS4813 (IBC/LMA) Business Transformation Project MOD_CLUSTER_161 Module
MBS4813 Business Transformation Project MBS4813_LMA Module
MBS4813 Business Transformation Project MBS4813_IBC_CRN12563_201410 Module
MBS4816 (HEN) Business Transformation Project MBS4816_HEN Module
MBS4845 Business Transformation Project MBS4845 Module
MBS4856 Business Transformation Project MBS4856 Module
MBS4865 Business Transformation Project MBS4865 Module
MBS4885 Business Transformation Project MBS4885 Module
MBS4895 Business Transformation Project MBS4895 Module
MBS5060 Planning an Advanced Practitioner Research Programme MBS5060 Module
MBT1701 Professional Development Portfolio MBT1701 Module
MBT1702 The B2B Sales Environment MBT1702 Module
MBT1703 Learning and Studying at Work MBT1703 Module
MBT1704 Market Insight and Intelligence MBT1704 Module
MBT1706 Negotiated B2B Sales Project MBT1706 Module
MBT2701 Professional Development Portfolio 2 MBT2701 Module
MBT2703 Developing Sales Solutions and Proposals MBT2703 Module
MBT2704 The Psychology of Sales and Negotiation MBT2704 Module
MBT2705 Customer Experience MBT2705 Module
MBT2706 Negotiated B2B Sales Project 2 MBT2706 Module
MBT3701 Professional Development Portfolio 3 MBT3701 Module
MBT3702 Professional and Ethical Sales Practice MBT3702 Module
MBT3703 Strategic Planning in B2B Sales MBT3703 Module
MBT3704 Professional Proposal and Research Skills MBT3704 Module
MBT3705 Final Negotiated B2B Sales Project MBT3705 Module
MBT4042 Managing the Business of Selling MBT4042 Module
MBT4043 Coaching and Developing Sales People MBT4043 Module
MBT4044: Leading Innovation and Change in Sales MBT4044 Module
MBT4045 Sales Ethics and Risk Management MBT4045 Module
MBT4046 Reflection and Research for Sales Leaders MBT4046 Module
MCH1001 /MCH1002 Business Mandarin - Written/Spoken MCH1001 Module
MCH1001/MCH1002 Business Mandarin - Written/Spoken MCH1002 Module
MCH1011 Business Communication in Mandarin 1 MCH1011 Module
MCH1012 Business Communication in Mandarin 2 MCH1012 Module
MCH1201/2001 Business Communications In Mandarin MCH1201 Module
MCH2001 Business Communications In Mandarin MCH2001 Module
MCH2003 Mandarin: Culture & Society 1 MCH2003 Module
MCH2004 Mandarin: Culture & Society 2 MCH2004 Module
MCH2011 Business Communication in Mandarin 1 MCH2011 Module
MCH2012 Business Communication in Mandarin 2 MCH2012 Module
MCH3001 /2301 Business Strategies In Mandarin MCH3001 Module
MCH3001/2301 Business Strategies In Mandarin MCH2301 Module
MCH3002 Mandarin In Global Business MCH3002 Module
MCH3005 Mandarin: Culture & Society 1 MCH3005 Module
MCH3006 Mandarin: Culture & Society 2 MCH3006 Module
MCH3099 Dissertation/Consultancy Project MCH3099 Module
MGT0215 Introduction to Business MGT0215 Module
MGT0225 Introduction to Business MGT0225 Module
MGT0303 Management Foundation Project MGT0303 Module
MGT0305/6 Management Foundation Project MOD_CLUSTER_189 Module
MGT0335 Management Foundation Project (QAHE) MGT0335 Module
MGT1110 Business Functions MGT1110 Module
MGT1301 Management Concepts MGT1301 Module
MGT1301/2/3/4/5/6 (DBI) Management Concepts MOD_CLUSTER_226 Module
MGT1301/2/3/4/5/6 (HEN) Management Concepts MOD_CLUSTER_225 Module
MGT1301/2/3/4/5/6 Management Concepts MOD_CLUSTER_187 Module
MGT1317 Principles of International Business and Management MGT1317 Module
MGT2010 International Business Environment MGT2010 Module
MGT2011 Operations And Information Management MGT2011 Module
MGT2012 Global Organisations MGT2012 Module
MGT2013 International Business LawMGT2013 MGT2013 Module
MGT2014 International Entrepreneurship MGT2014 Module
MGT2110 / 2220 Operations Management (Hendon, Dubai) MGT2110_HEN Module
MGT2220 Operations Management MGT2220 Module
MGT2221 (QAHE) Operations Management MOD_CLUSTER_249 Module
MGT2222 (DBI) Operations Management MGT2222_DBI Module
MGT2222 (HEN) Operations Management MGT2222_HEN Module
MGT2222 (MRU) Operations Management MGT2222_MRU Module
MGT2223 Operations Management MGT2223 Module
MGT2224 Business Environment MGT2224 Module
MGT2225 Principle of Innovation and Entrepreneurship MGT2225 Module
MGT2311/2/3/5/6/MGT2411 Business Environment MOD_CLUSTER_222 Module
MGT2321/2/3/5/6/MGT2421 Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship MOD_CLUSTER_223 Module
MGT2402 Developing Academic Practice In Business MGT2402 Module
MGT2440 International Operations And Innovation Management (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) MGT2440 Module
MGT2451 Global Business Environment MGT2451 Module
MGT2535 Contemporary business functions MGT2535 Module
MGT2540 International Business Environment (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) MGT2540 Module
MGT2541 Global Business Environment MGT2541 Module
MGT2545 Business Environment Analysis (Hendon, Dubai) MGT2545 Module
MGT2701 (QAHE) The Health Care Sector: Provision, Policy and Funding MOD_CLUSTER_250 Module
MGT3000 Applied Management (Hendon Dubai) MGT3000 Module
MGT3009 Global Supply Chain Management MGT3009 Module
MGT3010 Procurement and Sourcing MGT3010 Module
MGT3011 Entreprise Resource Planning MGT3011 Module
MGT3012 Logistics MGT3012 Module
MGT3014 Innovation Management MGT3014 Module
MGT3015 New Product and Service Development MGT3015 Module
MGT3016 New Venture Development MGT3016 Module
MGT3018/MGT3418 Professional Communication MOD_CLUSTER_253 Module
MGT3019 Technologies for Project Management MGT3019 Module
MGT3021 Project Finance and Risk Management MGT3021 Module
MGT3022 International Management MGT3022 Module
MGT3023 Business Ethics MGT3023 Module
MGT3025 Project Planning MGT3025 Module
MGT3026 Business Game MGT3026 Module
MGT3027 Business Start-Up MGT3027 Module
MGT3028 Business Analytics MGT3028 Module
MGT3118 Principles of Project Management MGT3118 Module
MGT3119 Managing Business in Asia MGT3119 Module
MGT3122 International Business Strategy MGT3122 Module
MGT3123 Global Business Strategy MGT3123 Module
MGT3127 Management of Projects MGT3127 Module
MGT3140 International Business Strategy (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) MGT3140 Module
MGT3146 International Management and Ethics (Hendon, Dubai, Mauritius) MGT3146 Module
MGT3155 Global Operations Management MGT3155 Module
MGT3170 Strategic Management (Hendon, Dubai) MGT3170 Module
MGT3170/1 Strategic Management MOD_CLUSTER_190 Module
MGT3172 Strategic Management MGT3172 Module
MGT3180 Enterprise And Small Business (Hendon, Dubai) MGT3180 Module
MGT3193 Business Start Up MGT3193 Module
MGT3194 Business Game MGT3194 Module
MGT3201 Global Business Strategy (Hendon, Malta ) MGT3201 Module
MGT3203 Managing Across Borders MGT3203 Module
MGT3218 Organisational Change MGT3218 Module
MGT3220/MGT3222 International Operations Management MGT3220 Module
MGT3223 Strategic Management MGT3223 Module
MGT3225 Professional Communication MGT3225 Module
MGT3250 New Product And Service Development MGT3250 Module
MGT3314 Strategic Management MGT3314 Module
MGT3318 Sustainable Business MGT3318 Module
MGT3324 Strategic Management MGT3324 Module
MGT3334 Strategic Management MGT3334 Module
MGT3335 Supply Chain Management MGT3335 Module
MGT3402 Academic Practice In Business MGT3402 Module
MGT3403 Key Management Concepts MGT3403 Module
MGT3540 Managing The Multinational Corporation MGT3540 Module
MGT3550 Global Supply Chain Management (Hendon, Dubai) MGT3550 Module
MGT3560 Small Business Going Global MGT3560 Module
MGT3600 (DBI) Innovation Management MGT3600_DBI Module
MGT3600 (HEN) Innovation Management MGT3600_HEN Module
MGT3700 Logistics MGT3700 Module
MGT3730 Procurement And Sourcing MGT3730 Module
MGT3750 Managing And Developing Projects With Software MGT3750 Module
MGT3800 (DBI) Managing Business Projects MGT3800_DBI Module
MGT3800 (HEN) Managing Business Projects MGT3800_HEN Module
MGT3800 (ICB) Managing Business Projects MGT3800_ICB Module
MGT3850 Developing Successful Project Plans MGT3850 Module
MGT3913 Professional Communication For Management MGT3913 Module
MGT3998 Research Project MGT3998 Module
MGT3999 Research Project MGT3999 Module
MGT4100 International Business Strategy (Hendon, Dubai) MGT4100 Module
MGT4150 Management In A Globalised World MGT4150 Module
MGT4161 Management in a Globalised Context MGT4161 Module
MGT4162 Managing the Multinational Organisation MGT4162 Module
MGT4163 New Trends in International Business MGT4163 Module
MGT4200 Contemporary Management (Hendon, Mauritius) MGT4200 Module
MGT4250 Financial And Strategic Management (Hendon, Mauritius) MGT4250 Module
MGT4300 International Supply Chain Management MGT4300 Module
MGT4465 Developing Business Networks for Entrepreneurs MGT4465 Module
MGT4500 Contemporary Issues In International Business MGT4500 Module
MGT4520 International Entrepreneurship MGT4520 Module
MGT4540 Operations Management (Hendon, Mauritius) MGT4540 Module
MGT4541 Strategic Leadership and Management of Organisations MGT4541 Module
MGT4542 Emerging Trends in Enterprise Application MGT4542 Module
MGT4543 (MTA) Management Analytics MGT4543 Module
MGT4544 (HEN) Organisational Management Consultancy MGT4544_HEN Module
MGT4544 (MRU) Organisational Management Consultancy MGT4544_MRU Module
MGT4550 Managing Projects MGT4550 Module
MGT4570 Management Consultancy Models MGT4570 Module
MGT4580 E-Supply Chain Planning And Control MGT4580 Module
MGT4590 International Logistics Management MGT4590 Module
MGT4600 Computer Assisted Optimisation Of Supply Chains MGT4600 Module
MGT4610 Lean And Sustainable Supply Chain Management MGT4610 Module
MGT4620 Ship Design and the Impact on the Marine Surveyor MGT4620 Module
MGT4621 (LMA) Management Skills for the Ship Superintendent MGT4621_LMA Module
MGT4621 Management Skills for the Ship Superintendent MGT4621 Module
MGT4622 Management Skills for the Marine Surveyor MGT4622_LMA Module
MGT4624 Applied Project MGT4624_LMA Module
MGT4625 Applied Project (LMA) MGT4625_LMA Module
MGT4626 Management Skills for Marine Operations MGT4626 Module
MGT4628 Ship Design and Systems MGT4628 Module
MGT4629 Optimising Business Performance MGT4629 Module
MGT4630 Developing New Product And Services (Hendon, Mauritiu) MGT4630 Module
MGT4635 (WPY) Business Strategy MGT4635_WPY Module
MGT4636 (WPY) Management Perspectives MGT4636_WPY Module
MGT4636 Management Perspectives MGT4636_WPZ Module
MGT4637 (WPY) Payments: Technology, innovation & Value Creation MGT4637_WPY Module
MGT4637 (WPZ) Payments: Technology, Innovation & Value Creation MGT4637_WPZ Module
MGT4638/MGT4639 Business Research Methods and Project MOD_CLUSTER_164 Module
MGT4640 Emerging Market Strategies MGT4640 Module
MGT4641 Operations and Supply Chain Management MGT4641 Module
MGT4642 Strategic Leadership MGT4642 Module
MGT4643 Procurement MGT4643 Module
MGT4646 Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Planning MGT4646 Module
MGT4650 Entrepreneurship Concepts And Practice For China MGT4650 Module
MGT4700 Innovation MGT4700 Module
MGT4701 Entrepreneurship and Sustainability MGT4701 Module
MGT4750 Venture Development MGT4750 Module
MGT4801 (DBI) Fundamentals of Project Management MGT4801_DBI Module
MGT4802 Strategy and Innovation MGT4802 Module
MGT4803 Operations and Supply Chain Management MGT4803 Module
MGT4804 Cross-Cultural Management and Ethics MGT4804 Module
MGT4808 (DBI) Performance Excellence in the Business of Healthcare MGT4808_DBI Module
MGT4809 (DBI) Informatics and Innovation in Healthcare MGT4809_DBI Module
MGT4810 (DBI) Business Strategy MGT4810_DBI Module
MGT4810 (DIS) Business Strategy MGT4810_DIS Module
MGT4810 (HEN) Business Strategy MGT4810_HEN Module
MGT4810 (LMA) Business Strategy MGT4810_LMA Module
MGT4814 (DIS) Management Perspectives MGT4814_DIS Module
MGT4814 (HEN) Management Perspectives MGT4814_HEN Module
MGT4814 (IBC/LMA) Management Perspectives MOD_CLUSTER_162 Module
MGT4814 (NSW) Management Perspectives MGT4814_NSW Module
MGT4814 : Unit 3: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility MGT4814 Module
MGT4815 (DIS) Information Management MGT4815_DIS Module
MGT4815 (HEN) Information Management (MBA) MGT4815_HEN Module
MGT4815 (IBC/LMA/DIS) Information Management MOD_CLUSTER_163 Module
MGT4818 Integrated Case Study MGT4818_LMA Module
MGT4819 Shipping Business And International Trade (MBA) MGT4819 Module
MGT4820 Optimising Business Performance MGT4820 Module
MGT4821 The Global Oil And Gas Industry (ICB) (MBA) MGT4821 Module
MGT4823 / MBA4901 Organisational Excellence and Learning MOD_CLUSTER_102 Module
MGT4824 Business Excellence and Quality Management MOD_CLUSTER_103 Module
MGT4834 Managing Projects And Optimising Operations MGT4834 Module
MGT4835 Optimising Business Performance MGT4835 Module
MGT4838 Managing Innovation (Dubai) MGT4838_DBI Module
MGT4839 (DBI) Entrepreneurship and SME Management MGT4839_DBI Module
MGT4840 Creating An Identity And Setting Direction MGT4840 Module
MGT4841 Collaborating with Customers MGT4841 Module
MGT4842 Leading the Entrepreneurial Organisation MGT4842 Module
MGT4843 Growing the Organisation MGT4843 Module
MGT4844 Creating Value Through Innovation MGT4844 Module
MGT4852 Strategy and Innovation MGT4852 Module
MGT4860 Creating an Identity and Setting Direction MGT4860 Module
MGT4861 Collaborating with Customers MGT4861 Module
MGT4863 Growing the Organisation MGT4863 Module
MGT4870 Creating an Identity and Setting Direction MGT4870 Module
MGT4871 (QAHE) Collaborating with Customers MGT4871 Module
MGT4872 Leading the Entrepreneurial Organisation MGT4872 Module
MGT4873 (QAHE) Growing the Organisation MGT4873 Module
MGT4874 Creating Value through Innovation MGT4874 Module
MGT4876 Portfolio Building and Identity Reconstruction MGT4876 Module
MGT4880 Creating An Identity And Setting Direction MGT4880 Module
MGT4881 Collaborating with Customers MGT4881 Module
MGT4882 Leading the Entrepreneurial Organisation MGT4882 Module
MGT4886 Portfolio Building and Identity Reconstruction MGT4886 Module
MGT4890 Creating an Identity and Setting Direction MGT4890 Module
MGT4891 Collaborating with Customers MGT4891 Module
MGT4893 Growing the Organisation MGT4893 Module
MGT4894 Creating Value through Innovation MGT4894 Module
MGT4896 Portfolio Building and Identity Reconstruction MGT4986 Module
MGT4900 MA International Business Management Project (Hendon, Dubai) MGT4900 Module
MGT4910 MSc Innovation Management And Entrepreneurship Applied Project MGT4910 Module
MGT4920 Global Supply Chain Project MGT4920 Module
MGT4950 MSc Management Project MGT4950 Module
MGT4981 Collaborating with Customers MGT4981 Module
MKT1124 Consumer Behaviour MKT1124 Module
MKT1125 Creativity and Communication MKT1125 Module
MKT1130 Marketing Intelligence (Hendon, Dubai) MKT1130 Module
MKT1150 Personal And Professional Development (Hendon, Dubai) MKT1150 Module
MKT2001 Marketing Research And Insights MKT2001 Module
MKT2002 MKT2002 Digital Marketing Strategy MKT2002 Module
MKT2003 Brand Management MKT2003 Module
MKT2004 Content Marketing and Media Editing MKT2004 Module
MKT2005 New Product And Services Development And Innovation MKT2005 Module
MKT2006 Customer Engagement Marketing MKT2006 Module
MKT2007 Entrepreneurial Marketing MKT2007 Module
MKT2008 Advertising and Sales Promotion MKT2008 Module
MKT2210 Marketing Research (Hendon, Dubai) MKT2210 Module
MKT2222/2225 Marketing Foundation MOD_CLUSTER_1 Module
MKT2225 Marketing Foundation MKT2225 Module
MKT2236 Brand Management (Hendon, Dubai) MKT2236 Module
MKT2242 Consumer Behaviour (Hendon, Dubai) MKT2242 Module
MKT3011 Global and Cross-Cultural Marketing MKT3011 Module
MKT3012 (HEN) Social and Viral Marketing MKT3012_HEN Module
MKT3012 Social and Viral Marketing MKT3012 Module
MKT3013 Public Relations and Corporate Reputation MKT3013 Module
MKT3014 Services Marketing Management MKT3014 Module
MKT3015 New Venture Creation MKT3015 Module
MKT3018 (HEN) Marketing Consultancy Project MKT3018_HEN Module
MKT3019 Marketing Strategy and Implementation MKT3019 Module
MKT3033 E-Marketing Strategy And Social Media (Hendon, Dubai) MKT3033 Module
MKT3110 Marketing Strategy And Planning (Hendon, Dubai) MKT3110 Module
MKT3125 Services Marketing Management (Hendon, Dubai) MKT3125 Module
MKT3128 Public Relations And Corporate Reputation Management MKT3128 Module
MKT3130 / 3132 International marketing MOD_CLUSTER_2 Module
MKT3151 Creative Advertising And Promotion (Hendon, Dubai) MKT3151 Module
MKT3193 Direct And Customer Relationship Marketing (Hendon, Dubai) MKT3193 Module
MKT3322 Marketing for Financial Services MKT3322 Module
MKT3390 New Venture Management MKT3390 Module
MKT3456 International and Cross-Cultural Marketing MKT3456 Module
MKT4004 Managing And Marketing Events MKT4004 Module
MKT4006 Digital Advertising MKT4006 Module
MKT4009 / 4029 Dissertation / Professional Practice Project MOD_CLUSTER_17 Module
MKT4012 Advertising and Digital Marketing (Hendon, Dubai) MKT4012 Module
MKT4013 Entrepreneurship, Innovation And Small Business Marketing MKT4013 Module
MKT4014 Social Media Strategy E-Marketing Strategy MKT4014 Module
MKT4017 Marketing Communications Analytics (Hendon, Dubai) MKT4017 Module
MKT4018 Entrepreneurship In The Digital Sector MKT4018 Module
MKT4020 Mobile Marketing MKT4020 Module
MKT4031 Marketing Research Processes (Hendon, Dubai) MKT4031 Module
MKT4033 Sport Marketing MKT4033 Module
MKT4035 E-Marketing Strategy MKT4035 Module
MKT4048 Retailing Marketing MKT4048 Module
MKT4051 Consumer Behaviour: Decision-Making Processes (Hendon, Dubai) MKT4051 Module
MKT4053 Creative Communication Strategies MKT4053 Module
MKT4058 Arts Marketing MKT4058 Module
MKT4060 Strategic Brand Management MKT4060 Module
MKT4062 Innovation-driven Marketing MKT4062 Module
MKT4065 E-marketing And Digital Strategies MKT4065 Module
MKT4066 Research Methods And Dissertation MKT4066 Module
MKT4067 Brand Analytics: Methods And Strategies MKT4067 Module
MKT4069 Stakeholder And Communications Theory MKT4069 Module
MKT4070 Integrated Brand Communications - Tools And Strategies (Hendon, Dubai) MKT4070 Module
MKT4101 Internship in the Digital Sector MKT4101 Module
MKT4102 Practitioner Perspectives (Hendon, Dubai) MKT4102 Module
MKT4117 Brand Management MKT4117 Module
MKT4131 Marketing Strategy, Leadership and Planning MKT4131 Module
MKT4132 Product Management Strategies MKT4132 Module
MKT4133 Consumer Psychology MKT4133 Module
MKT4134 Strategic Marketing Communications MKT4134 Module
MKT4136 Customer Analysis and Relationship Marketing MKT4136 Module
MKT4137 Multichannel Marketing Management MKT4137 Module
MKT4138 Experiential Marketing and Events MKT4138 Module
MKT4139 Communication, Persuasion And Media Strategy (Dubai) MKT4139 Module
MKT4143 Guerrilla Marketing, Celebrity Endorsement and Promotion MKT4143 Module
MKT4144 Creative Strategy in Advertising MKT4144 Module
MKT4146 Cross-cultural Communication and Global MKT4146 Module
MKT4148 e-Marketing And Social Media Management MKT4148 Module
MKT4149 Digital And Social Media Analytics MKT4149 Module
MKT4200 Strategic Marketing MKT4200 Module
MKT4223 International And Cross-Cultural Marketing MKT4223 Module
MKT4700 Marketing Innovation Products and Services MKT4700 Module
MKT4701 Entrepreneurial Marketing MKT4701 Module
MKT4801 Global Marketing Management MKT4801 Module
MKT4810 (DIS) Marketing Management MKT4810_DIS Module
MKT4810 (HEN) Marketing Management MKT4810_HEN Module
MKT4810 (NSW) Marketing Management MKT4810_NSW Module
MKT4810 / MBA4646 (DBI) Marketing Management MOD_CLUSTER_98 Module
MKT4811 (LMA) Advanced International Marketing MKT4811_LMA Module
MKT4815 Digital Marketing MKT4815 Module
MKT4851 Global Marketing Management MKT4851 Module
MKT4852 Digital Marketing MKT4852 Module
MLO2001 Coaching and Mentoring: Origins and Fundamentals MLO2001 Module
MLO2002 Coaching and Change in Organisations MLO2002 Module
MLO2003 Personal and Professional Development: Coaching Portfolio MLO2003 Module
MSc Professional Practice Leading Sales Transformation PROG_CLUSTER_165 Programme
MSC Professional Practice Senior Sales Leadership MBT4041 Module
MSO0235 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics MSO0235 Module
MSO3610 Financial Data Analysis MSO3610 Module
Operations Management - Dubai MGT2220_DBI Module
Organisational Behaviour And Critical Perspectives of Work LWO4401 Module
Organisational Dynamics LWO4404 Module
Perspectives on Leadership In Organisations LWO4411 Module
POI2306 Gender, Power and Global Politics POI2306 Module
PPT3001 Advanced Flight Operations PPT3001 Module
PPT3021 Development PPT3021 Module
PPT3022 Development PPT3022 Module
PPT3023 Development PPT3023 Module
Research Methods ACC4000 Module
Research Project LWO4410 Module
Research Student Area - Business School PROG_CLUSTER_49 Module
Resilience At Work: Building Wellbeing At Work LWO4403 Module
SPA1021 Business Communication Spanish I SPA1021 Module
SPA1022 Business Communication Spanish II SPA1022 Module
SPA1101/SPA1201/2001/SPA3301 Spanish For Tourism SPA3301 Module
SPA1101/SPA1201/2001/SPA3301 Spanish For Tourism SPA1201 Module
SPA1101/SPA1201/2001/SPA3301 Spanish For Tourism SPA1101 Module
SPA1102 Spanish Language For Tourism - Spoken SPA1102 Module
SPA1102/SPA1112 Spanish for Tourism/ Business Spanish Spoken MOD_CLUSTER_129 Module
SPA1111 Business Spanish Written SPA1111 Module
SPA1112 Business Spanish Spoken SPA1112 Module
SPA1211 Spanish Language 2 for Tourism: Culture and Society in Spain SPA1211 Module
SPA1212 Spanish Language 2 for Tourism: Culture and Society in Latin America SPA1212 Module
SPA1221/2221 Business Communication Spanish SPA1221 Module
SPA2021 Business Communication Spanish I SPA2021 Module
SPA2022 Business Communication Spanish II SPA2022 Module
SPA2201 Spanish for Tourism SPA2201 Module
SPA2211 Spanish Language for Tourism: Culture and Society in Spain SPA2211 Module
SPA2212 Spanish Language for Tourism: Culture & Society in Latin America SPA2212 Module
SPA2221 Business Communication SPA2221 Module
SPA2331 /3331 Business Strategies In Hispanic Countries SPA2331 Module
SPA3302 Global Business Spanish SPA3302 Module
SPA3331 Business strategies in Spanish Countries SPA3331 Module
The Future of Work and Organisations LWO4402 Module
TOU1003 The Economic Geography Of Tourism (Hendon, Dubai) TOU1003 Module
TOU1010 Global Tourism Dynamics (Hendon, Dubai) TOU1010 Module
TOU1011 Tourism And Society (Hendon, Dubai) TOU1011 Module
TOU1012 Opportunities and Resources in Tourism TOU1012 Module
TOU1013 The International Tourism Industry and Employability TOU1013 Module
TOU2011 Contemporary Tourism Management TOU2011 Module
TOU2012 The Tourist (Hendon, Dubai) TOU2012 Module
TOU2013 Researching People and Places TOU2013 Module
TOU2014 Experiential Learning TOU2014 Module
TOU2015 Responsible Tourism Management TOU2015 Module
TOU2017 Consulting Project in Tourism TOU2017 Module
TOU2018 Tourism Enterprise and Revenue Management TOU2018 Programme
TOU2019 Tourism Business TOU2019 Module
TOU2023 Aviation and Passenger Transport Management TOU2023 Module
TOU2024 Tourism Language: Spanish I TOU2024 Module
TOU2113 Researching People and Places TOU2113 Module
TOU3002 / TOU3012 Tourism Policy And Planning MOD_CLUSTER_133 Module
TOU3011 Creative Branding in Tourism TOU3011 Module
TOU3013 Tourism Policy-Making TOU3013 Module
TOU3014 Heritage Tourism TOU3014 Module
TOU3015 Event Sector TOU3015 Module
TOU3020 Customer Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality TOU3020 Module
TOU3021 Hospitality Business Management TOU3021 Module
TOU3022 Event Planning and Management TOU3022 Module
TOU3023 Tourism in Cities TOU3023 Module
TOU3099 Final Year Project: Dissertation TOU3099 Module
TOU3195 Strategic Management In A Hospitality Environment (Hendon, Dubai) TOU3195 Module
TOU3330 Hospitality And Tourism Marketing (Hendon, Dubai) TOU3330 Module
TOU3912 Managing Sustainable Tourism TOU3912 Module
TOU3922 Cultural And Heritage Tourism TOU3922 Module
TOU3991 Independent Tourism Project (Hendon, Dubai) TOU3991 Module
TOU4002 Managing Contemporary Hospitality TOU4002 Module
TOU4003 Hospitatilty & Event Practicum TOU4003 Module
TOU4220 Contemporary Issues In Hospitality And Tourism TOU4220 Module
TOU4221 Strategic Management In The Hospitality And Tourism Industry TOU4221 Module
TOU4223 Revenue Management TOU4223 Module
TOU4224 Destination Management TOU4224 Module
TOU4225 Festival And Event Management TOU4225 Module
TOU4227 Hospitality And Tourism Research And Dissertation TOU4227 Module
TOU4228 Achieving Sustainable Tourism TOU4228 Module
TOU4230 International Tourism in the 21st TOU4230 Module
TOU4231 International Tourism Business TOU4231 Module
TOU4232 Events Management TOU4232 Module
TOU4234 Entrepreneurship in Tourism TOU4234 Module
TOU4235 Visitor Attractions Management TOU4235 Module
Toxic leadership LWO4416 Module
WBS3008 Enhanced Performance Management WBS3008 Module
WBS3015 Retailing Strategy WBS3015 Module
WBS3016 Work Based Research Skills WBS3016 Module

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