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ART0001 Visual Arts: Creative London ART0001 Module
ART0002 Visual Arts: Exploration and Diagnostics ART0002 Module
ART0003 Visual Arts: Creative Specialism ART0003 Module
ART0004 Visal Arts: Major Project, Portfolio and Exhibition ART0004 Module
ART4000 Developing Practice ART4000 Module
ART4001 Critical Debates: Fine Art And Printmaking ART4001 Module
ART4002 Fine Art And Printmaking ART4002 Module
ART4004 ART4004 Module
ART4013 Fine Art And Printmaking ART4013 Module
ART4023 Exploring Space ART4023 Module
ART4024 Major Project ART4024 Module
ART4073 Body And Space ART4073 Module
ART4115 Narrative and Sequential Illustration ART4115 Module
ART4200 Developing Practice ART4200 Module
ART4400 Developing Practice ART4400 Module
ART4600 Developing Practice ART4600 Module
CMW2013 (DBI) Screenwriting for Shorts CMW2013_DBI Module
CMW2014 (DBI) Fiction: The Short Story CMW2014_DBI Module
DES0001 3D Design: Creative London DES0001 Module
DES0002 3D Design: Exploration and Diagnostics DES0002 Module
DES0003 3D Design: Creative Specialism DES0003 Module
DES0004 3D Design: Major Project, Portfolio and Exhibition DES0004 Module
DES1710 DES1710 Module
DES1730 DES1730 Module
DES2710 DES2710 Module
DES2720 DES2720 Module
DES3740 DES3740 Module
FNA1430 Personal Development & Research FNA1430 Module
FNA1490 Exploring Practices And Ideas FNA1490 Module
FNA2030 FNA2030 Module
FNA2230 Art Practice In The Community: Placement FNA2230 Module
FNA2330 Fine Art And Philosophy FNA2330 Module
FNA2590 Developing Practice and Theory FNA2590 Module
FNA2830 Sound, Video And Interactivity (Context and Practice) FNA2830 Module
FNA2930 Fine Art Theories And Practice FNA2930 Module
FNA3260 Fine Art And Philosophy FNA3260 Module
FNA3360 Art Practice, Collaborations, Community Participation And Exhibition FNA3360 Module
FNA3690 Fine Art Studio and Exhibition FNA3690 Module
FNA3692 Fine Art Multimedia Practice FNA3692 Module
FNA3693 Fine Art Social Practice FNA3693 Module
FNA3930 Critical And Contextual Proposition FNA3930 Module
FSH0001 Fashion: Creative London FSH0001 Module
FSH1030 Creative Research and Design Process FSH1030 Module
FSH1040 Introducing Fashion Textiles Techniques FSH1040 Module
FSH1050 Exploring Fashion and Textiles Design FSH1050 Module
FSH1111 FSH1111 Module
FSH1200 Fashion Skills One FSH1200 Module
FSH1210 (DBI) Fashion Design Skills FSH1210_DBI Module
FSH1210 Fashion Design Skills FSH1210_HEN Module
FSH1300 Fashion Skills Two FSH1300 Module
FSH1310 (DBI) Fashion Collaborative Projects FSH1310_DBI Module
FSH1310 Fashion Collaborative Projects FSH1310_HEN Module
FSH1400 FSH1400 Module
FSH1510 FSH1510 Module
FSH1830 Fashion Blended FSH1830 Module
FSH1900 Generic Fashion FSH1900 Module
FSH1910 (DBI) Research and Communication FSH1910_DBI Module
FSH1910 Research and Communication FSH1910_HEN Module
FSH1935 Fashion, Cultural Contexts And Representation FSH1935 Module
FSH2030 Developing Fashion and Textiles Design FSH2030 Module
FSH2040 Fashion Textiles and Design in Context FSH2040 Module
FSH2050 Fashion Textiles and Design Industry Practice FSH2050 Module
FSH2200 Advanced Fashion Skills FSH2200 Module
FSH2210 (DBI) Menswear Design FSH2210_DBI Module
FSH2210 Menswear Design FSH2210_HEN Module
FSH2222 FSH2222 Module
FSH2300 Developing Fashion FSH2300 Module
FSH2400 FSH2400 Module
FSH2935 (DBI) Fashion Culture and Industry FSH2935_DBI Module
FSH2935 Fashion Culture and Industry FSH2935_HEN Module
FSH2936 Fashion Cultures FSH2936 Module
FSH3030 Fashion and Textiles Portfolio and Final Collection FSH3030 Module
FSH3400 Establishing Fashion And Professional Practice In Design FSH3400 Module
FSH3410 (DBI) Collection Development and Portfolio FSH3410_DBI Module
FSH3410 Collection Development and Portfolio FSH3410_HEN Module
FSH3530 Fashion Textiles and Design: Industry Work Placement FSH3530 Module
FSH3600 FSH3600 Module
FSH3930 Critical And Contextual Research Project FSH3930 Module
FSH3935 (DBI) Contextual Studies Research Project FSH3935_DBI Module
FSH3935 Contextual Studies Research Project FSH3935_HEN Module
GDN1001 (DBI) Creative Typography GDN1001_DBI Module
GDN1001 Creative Typography GDN1001_HEN Module
GDN1003 (DBI) Understanding Visual Communication GDN1003 Module
GDN1003 Understanding Visual Communication GDN1003_HEN Module
GDN2001 (DBI) Graphic Design Communication Workshop GDN2001_DBI Module
GDN2001 Graphic Design Communication Workshop GDN2001_HEN Module
GDN2002 (DBI) Graphic Design Cultures GDN2002_DBI Programme
GDN2002 Graphic Design Cultures GDN2002_HEN Module
GDN4000 GDN4000 Module
GDN4001 GDN4001 Module
GDN4002 GDN4002 Module
IAD1101 Interiors: Foundation IAD1101 Module
IAD1110 Fundamental Contexts and Skills IAD1110 Module
IAD1120 Fundamental Practice IAD1120 Module
IAD1130 Interpreting Contexts and Skills IAD1130 Module
IAD1140 Interpreting Practice IAD1140 Module
IAD1201 Interiors: Exploration IAD1201 Module
IAD2101 Development: Survey the High Street IAD2101 Module
IAD2110 Developing Contexts and Skills IAD2110 Module
IAD2120 Developing Practice IAD2120 Module
IAD2140 Interior Architecture: Application IAD2140 Module
IAD2150 Interiors: Placement 1 IAD2150 Module
IAD2201 (HKS) Interior Architecture: Application IAD2201_HKS Module
IAD2201 Interior Architecture: Application IAD2201_HEN Module
IAD2202 Interior Design: Application IAD2202 Module
IAD2230 Interior Design: Application IAD2230 Module
IAD2301 Interiors: Placement IAD2301 Module
IAD3001 Interior Architecture: Placement IAD3001 Module
IAD3002 Interiors Design : Placement IAD3002 Module
IAD3101 (HEN) Writing Portfolio IAD3101 Module
IAD3101 (HKS) Interior Architecture: Enquiry IAD3101_HKS Module
IAD3101(HEN) Interior Architecture: Enquiry IAD3101_HEN Module
IAD3102 Interior Design: Enquiry IAD3102 Module
IAD3110 Interior Design: Integration IAD3110 Module
IAD3130 Interior Architecture: Integration - Research + Practice IAD3130 Module
IAD3140 Interior Architecture: Integration-Major Project IAD3140 Module
IAD3160 Interior Architecture: Placement 2 IAD3160 Module
IAD3201 (HEN) Interior Architecture: Integration IAD3201_HEN Module
IAD3201 (HKS) Interior Architecture: Integration IAD3201_HKS Module
IAD3203 Interior Architecture: Synergy IAD3203 Module
IAD3204 Interior Design: Synergy IAD3204 Module
IAD4011 Encounter: Contexts and Debate IAD4011 Module
IAD4021 Advance: Thinking and Writing IAD4021 Module
ILN1000 Introduction to Illustration ILN1000 Module
MUS2018 Live Interactive Sound and Synthesis MUS2018 Module
PHO1001: Photography: Fashion and Documentary PHO1001 Module
PHO1002: Traditional Processes PHO1002 Module
PHO1004: Culture and Contexts PHO1004 Module
PHO2004: The Critical Image PHO2004 Module
PHO3001 Photography: Professional Toolkit PHO3001 Module
PHO3004: Critical and Contextual Research Project PHO3004 Module
PHO4000 Explore: Ethics and Aesthetics PHO4000 Module
PHO4001 Collaborate: Strategies for Change PHO4001 Module
TDP2400 Advanced Production Skills for Innovation TDP2400 Module
TDP3000 Major Project TDP3000 Module
TDP3100 TV and future platforms TDP3100 Module
TDP3200 Entrepreneurship and Employability TDP3200 Module
THE1002 Introduction to Design and Production THE1002 Module
THE1004 Working with Theatre Technology THE1004 Module
THE2005 Theatre Industry: Applied Practices THE2005 Module
THE2024 The Actor and Director THE2024 Module
THE2030 The Scenographer THE2030 Module
THE2040 The Writer and Dramaturg THE2040 Module
THE2045 Creative Collaborations THE2045 Module
THE3030 Design: Scenography and Technology THE3030 Module
THE3045 Theatre Laboratory THE3045 Module
THE3140 Classical Text in Performance THE3140 Module
THE4000 Research Methods in the Arts: Reflecting Practices THE4000 Module
THE4010 Specialist Theatre Arts Investigation: Exploring Practices THE4010 Module
THE4011 Interdisciplinary Contexts & Collaborations: Connecting Practices THE4011 Module
THE4012 Professional Contexts & Placements in the Creative Industries: Managing Practices THE4012 Module
THE4020 Independent Theatre Arts Project: Extending Practices THE4020 Module
VCD1100 Graphic Design: Introduction To Graphic Design VCD1100 Module
VCD1300 Introduction To Illustration VCD1300 Module
VCD1400 Visual Communication Workshops 1 VCD1400 Module
VCD1401 Graphic Design: Visual Communication Workshops (Dubai) VCD1401 Module
VCD1502 From Pencil to Pixel VCD1502 Module
VCD1934 Understanding Communication VCD1934 Module
VCD2100 (HKS) Graphic Design Practice VCD2100_HKS Module
VCD2100 Graphic Design Practice VCD2100_HEN Module
VCD2300 Illustration Practice VCD2300 Module
VCD2400 Visual Communication Workshop 2 VCD2400 Module
VCD2401 Graphic Design Visual Communication Workshops 2 (Dubai) VCD2401 Module
VCD2502 Animation and Digital Cultures VCD2502 Module
VCD2934 The Visual Activist VCD2934 Module
VCD2936 The Critical Image VCD2936 Module
VCD3100 (HKS) Major Projects And Professional Portfolio Development VCD3100_HKS Module
VCD3100 Major Projects And Professional Portfolio Development VCD3100_HEN Module
VCD3300 Illustration Major Projects And Portfolio VCD3300 Module
VCD3930 (HKS) Critical And Contextual Research Project VCD3930_HKS Module
VCD3930 Critical And Contextual Research Project VCD3930_HEN Module
VIS4000 Advanced Research Skills VIS4000 Module
VIS4001 Contexts: Materials and Methods VIS4001 Module
VIS4002 Contexts: Critical Review VIS4002 Module
VIS4003 Positioning your Research VIS4003 Module

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