This list relates to the term 2019/20 which ended on 31/08/2020
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  1. Personal eTextbook (Kortext) 5 items
    1. London Campus - Login to UniHub and go to your module area in myLearning. The below eTextbook (Kortext) is displayed here.

    2. Crafting and executing strategy: the quest for competitive advantage : concepts and cases - Arthur A. Thompson 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential – PeT This is your Personal eTextbook (Kortext) access the book from your myLearning module area as above

    3. Dubai, Mauritius, Malta - Check the link below for either a library eBook or print copy

  2. How to access Harvard Business Review articles 1 item
    Please watch this brief video for help accessing Harvard Business Review articles.
  3. Essential 1 item
    1. Strategic Management - ROTHAERMEL 2020

      Book Essential Please read Chapter 6: pp. 192-229.

  4. Recommended 10 items
    1. Strategic management - Frank T. Rothaermel 2019

      Book Requested Chapter 7 pp. 219-248

    2. Strategic management - Frank T. Rothaermel 2019

      Book Requested Chapter 7, pp 218-262

    3. Strategic management: an integrated approach, Theory & cases - Charles W. L. Hill, Gareth R. Jones, Melissa A. Schilling 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    4. Strategic management: competitiveness & globalization: concepts and cases - Michael A. Hitt, R. Duane Ireland, Robert E. Hoskisson 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    5. Contemporary strategy analysis - Robert M. Grant 2018

      Book Recommended

    6. Foundations of strategy - Robert M. Grant, Judith Jordan 2015

      Book Recommended

    7. The strategy pathfinder: core concepts and live cases - Duncan Angwin, Stephen Cummings, Chris Smith 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    8. Strategy safari: the complete guide through the wilds of strategic management - Henry Mintzberg, Bruce W. Ahlstrand, Joseph Lampel 2009

      Book Recommended

  5. Further Reading 11 items
    You are expected to undertake independent research on the topics covered in this module and to read more widely than the resources provided in this reading list.
    1. Return on strategy: how to achieve it! - Michael Moesgaard Andersen, Morton Froholdt, Flemming Poulfelt 2010

      Book Further

    2. The living company: growth, learning and longevity in business - Arie De Geus 1999 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    3. The Library's Online Subject Guides ( / are a good place to start with your research, as they bring together the key research tools for your subject area and offer a wide range of support.  


      Your Subject Liaison Librarian will also help you with your research, finding and accessing resources and referencing your work: